Good Yoga

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Good Yoga

Good yoga lies in details; yes,
The insignificant:
Stuff you never pay attention to,
To which you never pay attention.

You, the organism
That consists
Of teeny, tiny-nesses-es,
Each of which you must detect.
It’s you – why not?
You are the only you you’ve got;
You’re what
You’re made of,
What you’re based on.
You have nothing better than
To know it
In its wholeness-parts:
Abilities and limitations,
Weaknesses and strengths:
Its opposites.
Good yoga:
Everything you do.

Good Yoga 2.26.2013 Circling Round Yoga; Definitely Didactic; Arlene Corwin

Not The Answer


Yoga’s not the answer

To dilemmas, glitches, life’s catch 22s.

Always death or sickness; aging:

Causes, which a Buddha knows.


Hatha yoga helps

Where situation is ambiguous.

Consciousness has grown,

You’ve known your body

In so many ways;

You’ve learned to handle causes

Subtlest to the naked eye

Of even the most qualified.


And yet, and yes,

I recommend it.

Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Jnana,*

Karma – each and every overlapping:

Answers lying everywhere.


Nothing is the answer,

With the answers everywhere

Inside the layers.

Of the onion.


*pronounced gyana


Not The Answer 8.1.2013

Circling Round Yoga;

Arlene Corwin

Out This Week: Circling Round Yoga, Science, War & Cats

Circling Round Yoga, Science, War & Cats By Arlene Corwin 4 poetry collections in one.
See Xlibris, Barnes&Noble,
Ms Corwin:”In Circling Round Yoga, I’ve circled around varieties of yoga by including such subjects as recipes, thoughts about cooking, meditative reflections and recommendations, direct, unsystematic, and definitely incomplete; recommendations for getting rid of loneliness: ideas that circle around the diverse paths of yoga.
In Circling Round Science it was hard to draw a line between the intuitive, the spiritual, the philosophic and the scientific…
War Book is self-explantory. It’s anti-.
And finally Cat Book, a collections of lovingly unsentimental observations of the only cats I’ve known: Sootis and Albert, who were and are more than a mice eliminating part of my life”

All Kinds Of Nasty Thoughts 2013

All Kinds Of Nasty Thoughts

I was med-


Standing on my head,

All kinds of thinking skating

Through it; nasty bits:

Him, her or them,

Not even realizing it.

To think, I call myself a yogi!

Only when

I sat back on

My haunches

With a wall in front,

Was I confronted


The nasty


That thinks that she’s

A yogi

Or yogini (as the case may be) –

Holy, to boot!

What a hoot!  Hypocrisy

And self-deception!

(ruling out

the likelihood of indigestion.)


The aim is not to do away

With thought,

But, butt of ignorance,

The dancing

Mean, malicious ones

One’s not attentive to.

All Kinds Of Nasty Thoughts

Circling Round Yoga;

Arlene Corwin

Thinking On Your Feet Is 2013

Thinking On Your Feet Is

Gift, art, yoga;

Leading to a

Modus operandi,



A defining fun.

Creation in a flash;


In a now,

No deed is left undone,

Not one day gone,

Neglected or unloved.

Thinking fleetly on your feet,

Eliminates, eradicates:

Fear of fiasco,

Worry, stress, for not one

Thing can fail you;

Neither falling on your bottom

In the middle of your show

Or whatever else you’re doing.

Trivial and valuable –

It’s all significant,

While none of it means anything at all;

The usual


Years of practicing


Mean that

Error’s never really wrong,



Use life as an etude.

Make etude of every song.

Life plays.

Thinking On Your Feet 10.10.2013

Definitely Didactic; Vaguely About Music II; Circling Round Yoga;

Arlene Corwin

Wait It Out 2013

Still childishly delighted to see my stuff in print, Wait It Out is one of my better insights.


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Wait It Out

By Arlene Corwin

You do a pose.
It feels awful, incomplete, a strain.
Wait several minutes if you can.
Shift. Modify. Shift again.
To wait it out will get you there.
To wait it out will get you where
You need to be, the pose fulfilled
But always open to refinement.
As you know, nothing is final,
Each adjustment
Leading to a bonus:
Consciousness distributed,
Continually feeling for more,
More and more,
The more resulting in the new –
A different you.

So if you’re able, wait it out.
The wait itself, wed to your nature,
Has a future unexpected;
Progress in the mind and brain;
New synapses, new power
Over limb and fears.
Wait it out. The clime of waiting
Is exciting:
Minutes, years –
It’s all the same.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Please read instructions for submitting.]




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Thinking On Your Feet 2013

Thinking On Your Feet


Gift, art, a yoga;

Leading to

A jazz; a modus operandi

For invention.

A defining fun.  Creation

In a flash;


In a now,

No deed undone,

Not one day gone:

Neglected or unloved.



On your feet’,

Eliminates fiasco,

Worry, stress, for not one

Thing can fail you;

Falling on your bottom, foiled

By fate or filled

With shame.

For, while, and yet

No single bit of it

Means anything,

It’s all significant,

And  paradox.

The trivial, the valuable. The usual





Means that

Error’s never really wrong,

So use life as an etude.

Make an etude of each song.

Life plays.


Thinking On Your Feet 10.10.2013

Definitely Didactic; Vaguely About Music II; Circling Round Yoga;

Arlene Corwin


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