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Home University📚


I have a university within my house.

Inclusive of a thousand, thousand, thous-

and words:

Books, all kinds of printed works –

Brochures and articles collected,

Information; omni-forms connected,

Music notwithstanding.

I could spend a hundred years at home

Enclosed in school and domicile:

Cloistered in this all-in-one.


In bed, awake at four (still night)

A candle lit,

Deep breathing done,

Radio to mutedness,

Gradually bcoming restless,

Lying still, a book ‘took’ up,

Tired still, (it’s dark as poop)

Inspired, but wildly, child-ly hungry,


Toddling downstairs for a cup to take back up –

(Lovely coffee and a scone

With marmalade and cheese on)

Back in bed head propped, it’s heaven!

By this time it’s almost seven.


Read into “Windows For Dummies”,

(reminder, this first writ’ two thousand-seven)

“Treatment of the Heart Through Yoga”

(made that up)

Taking up the pen and paper:

University in bed,

Bedside and in my head!


Awaiting morning light,

The January Swedish night

Still uppermost in nature,

Marks a template oft repeated;

Meant to humble the conceited,

Meant to deepen and mature,

The one who needs to self-explore:

A university for sure.

Home University1.20.2007/Revised/re-written 11.7.2018 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Defiantly Doggerel; Coffee Book “2; Circling Round Yoga II; Swedish Book; Arlene Nover Corwin


Truth Will Out

            Truth Will Out

 If you’ve got a thing to say

A real thing, the words will play

Through synapses old/new,

The new unused, creating unconditionally unsaid

Phrases you alone invent unaided.


If you’ve something pregnant there

Inside the cerebellum,

You’ll be inclined to share

And tell ‘em.

Truth will out

Not shouted, but with clout

Deliberately aimed or not.


Then we come to something there

Called instinct’s intuition

To transport you far and near – everywhere

You need to go

To every place you need to know.


You must, gosh darn it, trust it!


Because all truths

Are there in places ‘neath the scalp

Beneath your hair, sculpted by the roots of roots,

By nerves that serve you night and day

Which tell you things that may,

Have what we call, the truth.

(Not every thought’s idea is true

Though it’s all you.)

A tricky thing this ‘God hath wrought’

Just always call to mind this thought:

Truth will always, in the end, want out.

 Truth Will Out 2.20.2018 Circling Round Reality, Nature Of & In Reality; Revelations Big & Small; Definitely Didactic;Arlene Corwin


Advice About Sex: Consciousness

       Advice About Sex: Consciousness

It isn’t ‘nice’

To give advice

About the art of copulating.

There are many ways of fornicating,

Very few to carnal urges,

Carnal surges being what they are.

Double myrrh

Is double pleasure;

Philosophic, not erotic.


It is wise to sacrifice,

Pay the price

Of being spat at,

Being got at,

Many living lives in anguish;

The taboo in all – all foolish.


Words of wisdom come to this:

When you touch,

Be cognizant of what you feel

In your person, as your person.

You yourself are sealed onto

All the knowledge in the world.


Always subject/object both,

Know how much

You are the subject though subjecting

Other to a lover’s clutch.

Be betrothed

To him and you, her and you,

Even it, yes, it and you.


One with brain and all the senses,

Make the fences that divide,

Of flexible, transparent goods;

Not barriers but guides

To knowledge, peace and joy –

All upside with no downsides.


Here’s the pool of rule that is the school,

The tool as well as fuel:

Pay attention to sensation in your senses and your limbs.

Do not think too much, evaluating her or him.

Loving is a kind of gym –

A paradigm of health and recreation;

Educational if let:

The entire carnal alphabet.


Advice About Sex: Consciousness 9.16.2017

Circling Round Eros II; Definitely Didactic; Defiant Doggerel;

Arlene Corwin

Sick Culture

I walk into the pharmacy

To buy, I don’t know what – toothpaste.

What do I see?

Lines, queues of people waiting anxiously

Or patiently

To fill, re-fill prescriptions.

It’s a sick, sick culture.


Sick Culture 6.20.2016

Defiant Doggerel; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin

I’ll Send You The Menu or, I LIke To Rhyme

I’ll Send You The Menu Or, I Like To Rhyme


I like to rhyme.

I do it all the time.

I hear it in each idiom,

Each group of words,

Expression, phrase –

No matter what one says,

It could be innocent or dirty; –

Curd or bird or slurred or turd,

Deep or shallow, nothing’s hallowed.

I’m in it

Every minute.

Oh, yes and oh no!

I’m corny,

Even when I’m horny –

Whoops! I’m so embarrassed,

Drooping, I mean dropping my defenses,

Being scooped up by

The risqué,…

I wonder what Sig Freud would say.

So if I may, I’ll say goodbye

Before I really

Make a donkey

Out of me,


And I.


I’ll Send You The Menu 12.25.2015

A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Defiant Doggerel; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;

Arlene Corwin


Forgotten Male Vanity 3.2.2015

Forgotten Male Vanity

(A Theme To Ponder)


We’ve gotten used to male hair

And what men wear:

Long hair, no hair, lip hair, false hair,

Hair plugs, hair dyes, pony-tails, painted nails,

Half beards, whole beards. Now all wear beards:

Long, short, chin beards,

Unattractive half beards;

Shoulder pads, rolled sleeves,

Crotches hanging to the knees,

Asses showing up the crack,

Backward caps

Which abs-


Don’t belong to baseball.

T-shirts beneath tuxedos,

Narrow shoes, pointed toes,

Arab scarves in place of ties,

Toupees and mascara-ed eyes.

Skin – I almost left out skin.

How could I omit the skin?

Muscled photos all the rage,

Nude men engaging youth!

Not cool! Not couth!

Tattoos cov’ring all of him:

Every member, every limb

Get this: thighs calves, ankles, wrists,

Upper arm to fingertips.

(how I love to make these lists)

Chests, necks, rumps, hips,

Toes-es, noses, penis tips,

Which bring me to the piercings –

Let’s not leave behind the piercings:

Nose holes, ear holes, lip holes, navel holes,

Tongue holes! How gross!

Chests bare, backs bare, heated waxings everywhere.

No hair anywhere. An oiled muscled body

Cannot share a hair.

A theme for pond-er.


Forgotten Male Vanity 3.2.2015

Circling Round Vanities II; Defiant Doggerel;

Arlene Corwin


Lauren Bacall 8.24.2014

Lauren Bacall


[to have been]

Unusually beautiful and slim and tall,

At the top of your profession,

Wed blissfully, bearing with the smoke and alcohol,

An early widowhood

– in short, embracing all

This concrete world can offer:

Praise as food, death, suffering,

Resurgence, perseverance

Grounded in


[to have been]

Exceptionally lucky,

Destiny mapped out, it seems

By gods and grace,

Odds are still stacked against…

One day, long life included,

You say ciao, adieu, a toodle-oo

And permanent goodbye.

And we say, thank you.


Lauren Bacall 8.24.2014

Special People, Special Occasions; Birth, Death & In Between II; Defiant Doggerel;

Arlene Corwin


Guest Etiquette 2014

Guest Etiquette


We had a guest.

And what a guest!

He slept till one, his smartphone on.

He never asked to set the table,

Able as he was;

Capable – he lifted weights.


There is an etiquette

That certain guests don’t get,

May never…

Verse reminder.


Help the host!

Here’s a cue;

Most of the work is done for you.

Postponing life that daily calls,

Host and hostess chained

To keep you entertained.

That’s it: message/essence.

Take it in! Unless

Host has a stable

Of domestic help,

Set the table,

Do the dishes,

Make your bed.

You’ll be the most appreciated and delicious

Guest they’ve ever had.

Guest etiquette.


Guest Etiquette 4.27.2014 (found on a scrap dated 8.11.2013) finished today

Defiant Doggerel; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin





I Don’t Think I’ll Eat Meat 2013

I Don’t Think I’ll Eat Meat

Emerging over time,

Uncomfortable, uneasy,

Almost queasy

When meat meets the taste buds,

I am losing what was magic

Once upon a youthful time.

How I used to relish

A delicious New York steak,

A tenderloin joined to the tongue,

A quarter-pounder, nay, a half-…

A calf called veal


I found that calves were made anemic,

Kept in stalls half-light

To keep their meat milk-white).

In any case,

Tastes mutating without a sweat,

I gently push the meat aside

To favor sweets

And savor nuts and flax,

The textured list unending.

But at times, just sometimes

I’ll eat


And really like it.

As a tribute to a sparerib,

Moral conscience taking leave,

Double standard winning over,

And at risk of sounding glib,

And unwilling to convey a fib,

I put bread aside,

Rice, beans and greens

And dig into a slaughtered pig

Or cow,

Denying that and how they died.

I don’t think

I’ll be eating meat at all

In the (far) future;

Not yet sure.

I don’t think so.

I Don’t Think I’ll Eat Meat 8.23.2013

Nature Of & In Reality; A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Defiant Doggerel;

Arlene Corwin


2012 in review Arlene Corwin Poetry have-a-look

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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