Innate Wisdom

Reflecting again and taking note. Kisses, Arlene 👩‍🎤


There is a wisdom deep inside.

Like temperament and readiness.

Not available to everybody at the same time in their lives.

But, BUT, it’s there to come to light,

To see, to use.

Even though you cannot choose.

To those who are receptive

I address this, even to myself. Who knows

Where, who and when)

And so I write,

Not always sure what’s right,

But sure of this:

There is a a wise one deep inside.

It’s just to ride the storms

And go along with happenstance,

Peaceful, with acceptance.

And if necessary, playful pretence.

Wait and watch and see.

Patience is a key.

Innate Wisdom 1.19.2019 Definitely Didactic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

No People, No Things

There is part of a system of thought that says every time you dwell on the thought of people or things you lose sight of your self. It makes sense because thought, its being an ephemeral, comes in and goes on to another at the speed of lightening. Where is the you in that moment? A you that is essential, the you you want to find out about, go into at will and stay for longer than that lightening.

The habit of thinking about people and things disallows that, discourages that, waters down the ability. Result? One is spending hours of the day reaching out to an illusion, a passing evaluation, an ever changing object. Time wasted.

No People, No Things

A guarantee and rule of thumb
To the confused, depressed and numb:
Watch your thought and cancel out
The onslaught of intruding thought,
The babbling bout
That canters around things and people!
People, things: treacle-binding
Lust to rust –
First to last,
A dust to dust.
The biggest drug of all!

On the streets
Thought longs for treats,
Its base in things and people;
Gossip, impulse, points of view.
Where is the you?

Make a space encircling thought:
Fill it with an inner breath,
Take this knack for what its worth –
A hint to catch a glint
Of heaven’s state on earth:
See what goes on in your head: inside instead.

No People, No Things 2.11.1997/the whole renewed1.17.2019 To The Child Mystic II; Definitely Didactic; Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

No Protective Language or, A Call To Arms

No Protective Language or, A Call To Arms🎭

I have no protective language.
No words I can hide behind,
No phrase at hand,
No pretence grand
To hide intention, e’en pretension.
Always nude or even crude,
Yet heart and other parts refining of themselves
Like elves
Inside a magic factory.

I watch the interviews on TV daily:
Interviewer and -viewee;
Euphemism down to fingertip,
Softening, evading all,
The small, the big,
With rigged-up truths
Too deep or hard to say
Said in the slickest often quickest way.
Does it pay?

Abe Lincoln said,
(bless his right-minded, honest head)
“You can fool all of the people some of the time,
Some of the people all of the time,
But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”
I represent the some and all.

Or to paraphrase with Corwin grace:
“Now and then
You can fool women, can fool men;
You can fool almost everyone,
Even screw the guileless few.
But you can’t play or
Get away with hanky-panky every time –
A swanky, cranky, squirming, worm
Every minute of each day.”
Unvarnished truth’s not built that way.”

Disguise, deny – a lie’s a lie.
Disinformation, figment of imagination,
Lying’s at the speaker’s root:
A suit of armour made of soot.

Be gallant, truthful, careful –
There’s a cesspool out there.
Better not to rot
In dream-filled reams of word,
But face the world
With unprepared, sometimes mistaken
Ways of talkin’.

No Protective Language 1.3.2019 Definitely Didactic II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

A Prophet Almost Never Profits (In His Own Home Town)

The phrase came through at a sleepless 3am.  Couldn’t resist, of course. 

A Prophet Almost Never  Profits  (In His Own Home Town) 

Friends have a view of you

That’s partly/seldom/never true.

Take a man and wife:

Seldom on each other’s wavelength.

Keep evolving.

Don’t expect applause;

Expectoration maybe (sadly).

Character and person what it is, you can’t

Require anyone to understand.

Keep evolving.


No one knows but you – perhaps a chosen few,

The depth of insight you impart.

You’re not a braggart.

Keep evolving.


Laugh, live, giving all you can.

Need no recognition,

Recognition the illusion!

History and legend

Tell the fatal end of

Jesuses and Joans of Arc,

Inventors, artists, scientists…

The lists go on.


So, misinterpreted, wise, good,

Relax and keep on getting better,

Without one small letter

Of desire for validation 

Or a single commendation. 


Friends you grew with, 

Kin you played with,

Neighbours living right next door

Will always house a poor and limited 

Idea of you, since all idea

Is mere


Keep evolving.


Learn this precept and relax.

Cut the bands with thinking’s axe.

Stretching, changing, giving out

The best you’re got,

And like the laughing Buddha,

In your secret philosophic hall,

Call to lips a prophet’s ha, ha, ha! 

And go on being prophet.

A Prophet Almost Never Profits… 11.21.2018 Circling Round Reality;To The Child Mystic II; Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

No Man Is A Victim

         No Man is A Victim

Can it be, and do I mean it?

It’s a phrase that came to mind,

And so I looked it up.  

One harmed or killed by so-called fluke;

One duped or tricked;

One who feels helpless faced with setback:

So I  chose the last to help.


There’s truth in fate that causes earthquake,

And one’s sole concern’s escape.  

That is a victim.

Then again, 

One is alive, glad to survive.

Grounds to begin

Because one can!


But what about 

The ones who feel useless in the face of sense,

Interpreting all happenings

With sadness, negativity and impotence,

Downhearted from the very start? 

You’ve known a few. Me too.

Perhaps it’s you,

And what to do –

The problem philosophical, pragmatic, existential. 

And, if one’s inclined, then spiritual.


Start a something, anything, for life’s a skill.

Good comes from bad, calm follows ruin;

Results come from what’s had or been;

And nothing lasts forever.

One’s endeavour is to strive,

For one’s alive.  

Remember that you’re clever!


Act as if you have a choice 

And make one – with your tiny voice.

Summon up your forces,

For of course, they’re many.

Do not hurry.

Lives are scurrying around you.

Do not worry,

For the ‘musts’ and ‘oughts’

Are values of society,

Not boo-choo, cry 

Or future you.

No Man Is A Victim 9.30.2018 Our Times, Our Culture II;Nature In & Of Reality;Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Don’t Copy Or, Have I Said This One Before?


When I write I try to not write what I’ve writ

The months before, knowing that

Each three clichés, each thrice said phrase

Is hinder to the mind’s synapse.


Used-up words five times five hundred,

Never wond’ring why I’ve done it:

I don’t want to copy –

Least of all myself and me.


Falling for the trick that quickens death of brain

Are quirks and quips and bits of what

You’re sure has happened, quoted over, over.

Mind’s a rover needing change.


I have friends who still say “weird” to amplify each seventh word;

“Weird” since nineteen eighty-four.

What it means I’ve no idea.

And what is that word  ‘weird’ good for?

Change the words,

For copying yourself is worst.


Am I copying my back life story?

Parroting, regurgitating clichés,

Making up my history?

Faking mystery

To make myself exciting?


Copying is weakening

For you, for me, for memory.

Variety’s the key.

You do not need to copy.

PS There’s a red line running through our lives: character, aptitudes, permanent throughout.  Bones grow up, grow old and change.  Penmanship changes.  Underneath there’s always a youyou recognize.  Keep it in the frontal lobe.  It’s there.

Don’t Copy 3.1.2015/revised 2.3.2016/ re-revised 9.27.2018 Definitely Didactic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin










There Is No One Method

            There Is No One Method 

To Remember:

There is no one method, 

No one anything that works for all.

No food, no style, no exercise, no smile.

One ‘does’ as circumstance demands

Adapting to the moment, strands

Of will-less-ness  in stillness,

And a stillness in the will-less-ness.


Often, mostly, dare I mutter,

Driven by the smut of fear

Undercurrent dragging us

Down into pools that spiral, whirl

And worst of all,

Of which we’re not aware,

There tumbling round us, 

Recognised too late

As fate – no, fright.

There Is No One Method 9.20.2018 Definitely Didactic II;I Is You Is Me Is We;Circling Round Yoga II; Arlene Nover Corwin 


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