In A Cloud Of God

     In A Cloud Of God

I meditate

In a cloud of God,

The phrase enticing,

Spicing up my inner vision,

Paradis-ing selfsame vision

Into supervision.

This decision to be deep in thought

That isn’t thought exactly

But a tactful way to find the mind

Without a wandering in imagery,

Colloquially speaking,

And between you, me, i.e. we, us

Who chance to meet on this

Our [quasi] paper

Is escape of noblest kind,

Leading blindly on pure trust

To someplace nice – yes, nicest!


In A Cloud Of God 11.13.2017

God Book II; The Processes; Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

Looking For God (a personal interpretation regarding dark matter)

   “ After decades of measurements and debate, we are now confident that the overwhelming majority of our universe’s matter – about 84 percent – is not made up of atoms, or of any other known substance. Although we can feel the gravitational pull of this other matter, and clearly tell that it’s there, we simply do not know what it is. This mysterious stuff is invisible, or at least nearly so. For lack of a better name, we call it “dark matter.” But naming something is very different from understanding it. Over the past 15 years, for example, experiments designed to detect individual particles of dark matter have become a million times more sensitive, and yet no signs of these elusive particles have appeared. And although the Large Hadron Collider has by all technical standards performed beautifully, with the exception of the Higgs boson, no new particles or other phenomena have been discovered.”

Dan Hooper, Associate Scientist in Theoretical Astrophysics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago.

I am indebted to EarthSkyNews and its writers and editor Deborah Byrd for their inspirational articles that set an imagination afire.


                                               Looking For God

                 (a personal interpretation regarding dark matter) 

Oh, my goodness, Halloween.

Secular as we’ve become we search between

The stars for something we can’t find –

Something way, way, way behind

(or maybe not), for calculations more than hint

At something there. Something here

And all around,

Something we can measure,

Possibly a ground of being –

Universe the metaphor –

Or should one say ‘universes’?


Utterly enchanting this research,

For ‘re’- means ‘one more time’, afresh, again;

We’re looking all the time and then some.

‘Search’, its origin in Latin’s ‘circle’

We are going ‘round in circles

To complete a circle, time and time again.

Looking for design and pattern

Palpable, its charm disarming

And perhaps alarming,

If we ever find it.


Looking For God 10.31.2017

Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; God Book II; Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin

I am indebted to EarthSkyNews and its writers and editor Deborah Byrd for their inspirational articles that set an imagination afire.












I’d Like To Find Another Word For God

I’d Like To Find Anther Word For God

I’d like to find

Another word

For God, for named in scripture’s world

It is a word – a name – word just the same,

Quenching some, offending some,

Plain annoying to some sorts,

Explaining little, saying lots.

Lord, Almighty, the Creator,

Maker, Godhead, Yahweh, Allah,

Father, Son, the Holy Spirit,

Brahma, more, the Man Upstairs,

A thousand other

Endless names for one ground grand initiator.


Birthright, culture, parentage,

History, heredity and what they’ve led to,

What we’re bred to,

Simple leaning notwithstanding,

Pre-programmed we land un-manned.


I think highly of the theist and it’s opposite the non-

With no high regard for anti-s,

For the principle of love embraces

Fat and thin, uncles, aunties.


In the meantime,

Brain un-stymied,

With ideas and inner truths,

I continue in the use of

God, the word that makes some happy,

Giving comfort, consolation

While I seek some substitution.


What we want to know

Are secrets, keys, realities;

Of life, of death, of fate and how

To live consistently serenely in tranquility;

Long-lived and daily:

Life without anxiety,

Fulfilled with understanding.


I’d Like To Find Another Word For God 10.29.2017

God Book II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin






Morning Greeting To God

On waking I say (thinking, really)

“You’ve been here all night.

You’ll be here all the day,

Providing time, my needs,

And more abstractly, destiny.

The trick is to be welcoming,

A trick that makes the play of pain

More comfortable,

For comfort is so comforting.


When I say pain,

I do not mean

A shoulder ache or thereabouts.

It means the pain of all around,

An ‘all around’ that’s all unbound

Which one will never have the skill to grasp,

Or power to reshape.


The day’s blank piece of paper,

Bland or stimulating,

Filled with action or quite still –

Always etude and apprenticeship.


So I ask myself (symbolically)

What can I learn?

With no idea of what’s to come,

Anticipating nothing

I accept each crumb that falls from

Shall we call it ‘heaven’s table’

(just a metaphor.)


Heaven’s table may be fable,

Morning’s greeting, fleeting phrase;

Both are ways to start the days

With positivity, an energy

To improvise with happy creativity.

What could be better?


Morning Greeting To God 9.25.2017

God Book II; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin



Going To You

              Going To You


I couldn’t sleep. What could I do?

I went to you.

I go as often as I can,

As often as élan emerges:

Like a spy whose operation purges,

Does not tell (well,

those detected and elected).

I ought to come to you more often.

True to form you’re there to soften

In one way or t’other – like a mother.


Is it just interpretation, fancy, brain synaptic,

Watching happenings?

Often ending as I would wish they should,

Seeing failings patched, detached,

Improving slowly once they’re hatched?


If I had been born to preach,

Joined synagogue or church,

Become rabbi, Mormon, Witness, priest,

Going north, south, west and east

At least I’d feel I landed.


But I’m silent and agog,

A secret seeker through the fog of worldly turbulence

And tastes that tempt, participating in the dance

With casualness, no casualty, but taking in causality as One,

It being April one, a day of fun at fooling friends –

Supercool, I face and grace it with my presence.


Going To You 4.1.2017

God Book II; Circling Round Reality; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin



God Has A Plan

       God Has A Plan


God has a plan.

A plan?

What does it mean?

And what is God?

Not meaning to be mean,

I want to take in

Them’s that do and them’s that don’t

Believe or doubt.


If followed to the end,

All roads lead home to Rome.

Good-natured, good humored,

Dastard, bastard,

Substandard, no standard

Which means bad, good and all the world.


The plan, a plan

Is interesting indeed.

To analyze, interpret, give word to,

For we need

A word to read, be heard,

To take into the heart and head.


If you are a keen observer

Of the concrete and empirical,

You see that things have patterns,

(for example, thought and matter).

Post- and pre- the pattern makes it lyrical.

(That for fun – the main thing is the plan.)


Laws to measure, near and clear,

Self-evident, plain as the nose upon your face.

(Water seeks the lowest space).

Laws unclear, obscure, inferred,

Laws that find no place in science.


Plan, the God adored – is Law;

Door short of adoration.

There’s nothing wrong

With seeing through those eyes,

To please

Those on the border

Of belief and dis-



God Has A Plan 3.30.2017

God Book II; Circling Round Science II; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin


Even & All The Time

     Even & All The Time

God is giving out

Evenly and all the time.


Evenly and all the time

Through Law and laws,

A clout, a shout, no hanging about;

Efficient, effective and quick.


A seeming quirk that never quits:

The nature of God,

Nature of God,

An Absolute absolutely.


Even And All The Time 3.18.2017

God Book II;

Arlene Corwin


     For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t

For those who can’t or won’t believe…

Refusal, aptitudinal deficiency;

A lack of interest or an inability

To think it through

And come to That conclusion.

I look up to all,

Roads leading in the end to Rome,

The roaming in us all.


For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t 3.18.2017

God Book II;

Arlene Corwin




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