Teaching Yoga

Teaching Yoga🤔🧘‍♀️✍️

When you know the system
You don’t think about the names.
You just ‘do’ the system.
Knitters knitting by TV
Are counting automatically,
Not thinking perle knit, perle. Pianists
Do not think C major
When they play C major.
They just know and they just do.
They say Turner lost his spelling,
Photographically remembering
Every scene, each hue.
One ‘does’,
When as the Swedish saying goes,
The system’s “in the spine”.

As for the name of God
You can use nomenclature at the start,
But when system’s shrine
Is in the spine,
Just let it, be it, ‘do’ it.

Teaching Yoga 6.7.2014/revised&finished7.19.2018Circling Round Yoga II; God Book II; Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

God The Father, Mother Nature

     This was such a difficult subject to tackle – in verse no less.  Yet, I found myself compelled.  The two phrases haunted me during the night, and I found myself examining their meaning and connection, and was surprised when I could think it through, although I’m sure somebody or -bodies could express it more conclusively.

As usual, I only send this to those i think are interested, either vaguely or directly in the issue involved.  Maybe I include too many of the wrong people and omit too many of the right ones.  


          God the Father, Mother Nature


Why Father, why Mother?

Taking noun, using it here,

What does a father/mother stand for?

What the function?  Where the junction?

Taking ‘ God,’ accepting word,

Where is it?

Is it unit?

Properties and features infinite?

If it’s It, it must have place

In and out somewhere in space,

A thing not unlike our sweet sun,

Which sun affects each/ everyone.

You all know what I mean. 


Its qualities and energies

Would have to take in all the –ities

Positive and negative,

Comings into being, dyings.

That’s only a few, of course.

Phew! (of course)

For ‘fathering’ means many things

Inherent and inheriting.

A kind of spermatozoa entering

The thing called Nature’s mothering.


Father sits there quietly,

Mother gives the birth to many,

Manifold variety. 

Think: the sun – the best analogy;

Which doesn’t move, which stays in place,

Yet all its sunny rays embracing.

God the Father, Nature Mother;

Yang and Yin,

Each beginning, each a finish

Each existing as a well spring.


Oh, this question, dearest reader,

God the leader, Earth the breeder,

Unsolvable, un-provable,

Bound in faith but usable.

I’ll be back when I’ve thought further .

God as Father, Mother Nature.


Friends of mine deny it all;

Conscious energy so small

Yet all-encompassing.

(It can’t be large, for logically,

It is, by definition, fixed – eternally,

Changeless, absolute, an all-in-one,

And to be large it’d have to’ve grown,

And growing is a no-no for a non-


Ultimate and only real



God The Father, Mother Nature 3.24.2018 God Book II; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Corwin










Nothing is Sacred Anymore

I write everyday. This daily practice leads more and more to ignoring the past. Here is a poem – as newsworthy as ever, from one of my books published 2012 called Our Times, Our Culture which I happened to be going through this evening:
It’s page 162 of a 302 page book; was written in 1996.📢💭

Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

What’s sacred?
Internet is not, although it’s taking over.
Governments are not.
They’re only lots:
Persons without names;
Offices in frames.
What’s sacred?
Art’s unstable. So’s the food
And dreams meant to enhance the good;
Buildings meant to further faith –closed six days in a week.
You can’t get in
And so you sin.
If you’re the type who needs to speak
To God in such a place, you’re lost,
Tossed out into the street ‘til Sunday.

What is sacred?
Maybe nature’s underlying laws and change.
Maybe fire. (Not guns on the firing range)
But all the universes’ suns; first cause;
Laws of truth; you, me.
I’d hope that something’s sacred
Even though I cannot see it.
Something’s there that’s worth the prayer:
Something holy in the air.
Perhaps the problem’s in the word –
The nothing/something word absurd.
A thing with no- some- can’t possess
The ring of sacredness.
So why should I be disappointed,
Cynical or sad
When this world is an un-anointed
World, and going slowly, wholly mad.
Is sacred scared (of being sacred nowadays?)

Nothing Is Sacred Anymore 4.8.1996 Our Times, Our Culture; God Book; Arlene Corwin

Let Me See (Y)our Plans Completed

Just wrote this: You know how these little revelation-cum-thought-cum-wish-hope…come.

   Let Me See [Y]our Plans Completed

I used to pray each morning,
God, please plan my day.”
Now, it’s morn,
And I’ve matured (it seems) since then.
What occurred to me as root,
Not You, non-absolute,
An Ignorance of what comes next,
But – as I do – surmising that it all began,
Was planned at the beginning, and
That all occurs in Law determining
A chain of cause/effect the thing –
Then cause original must bring,
Determined from the very start,
An end, an end to each event,
To each and every incident.

There is no fluke, no bit of luck,
No happenstance, no accidents;
All provide-nce.
Therefore I pray, to start the day
And just to get my head on straight.
(Already planned and known beforehand).

So I say, for my head’s sake,
“Let me see our plans completed”
Though I know it’s all been planned,
One might say programmed
From the start:
The very start,
Of which I am a nano- part.

Let Me See Your Plans Completed 3.3.2018 God Book II; To The Child Mystic II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin


You Have A Plan

       You Have A Plan

 You have a plan.

You’ve had it since the start of man.

You never pause, it being plan nobody knows.

You work through laws

Consisting of effect and cause.

And so, before I go

I transfer all my hopes to You.

Before the final bye, byes

I would like to know some certainties.

To understand the rest:

The key to and what is

The highest.

Or, life is a meaninglessness.

Instinct longs for happiness.

Even ignoramuses intuitively reach for this.

So in pursuit of bliss’ nearest,

I report to daddy dearest

Universes far from me,

Yet deep inside implicitly.


A force for good,

A force that make things all they should,

A some non-thing as source of all

Behind, in front and in the ball.


There is a plan

That was before the start of man,

And’s going on right now as you

And me

And all of mankind’s destiny.

 You Have A Plan 2.14.2018 God Book II; Nature of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality;






In A Cloud Of God

     In A Cloud Of God

I meditate

In a cloud of God,

The phrase enticing,

Spicing up my inner vision,

Paradis-ing selfsame vision

Into supervision.

This decision to be deep in thought

That isn’t thought exactly

But a tactful way to find the mind

Without a wandering in imagery,

Colloquially speaking,

And between you, me, i.e. we, us

Who chance to meet on this

Our [quasi] paper

Is escape of noblest kind,

Leading blindly on pure trust

To someplace nice – yes, nicest!


In A Cloud Of God 11.13.2017

God Book II; The Processes; Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

Looking For God (a personal interpretation regarding dark matter)

   “ After decades of measurements and debate, we are now confident that the overwhelming majority of our universe’s matter – about 84 percent – is not made up of atoms, or of any other known substance. Although we can feel the gravitational pull of this other matter, and clearly tell that it’s there, we simply do not know what it is. This mysterious stuff is invisible, or at least nearly so. For lack of a better name, we call it “dark matter.” But naming something is very different from understanding it. Over the past 15 years, for example, experiments designed to detect individual particles of dark matter have become a million times more sensitive, and yet no signs of these elusive particles have appeared. And although the Large Hadron Collider has by all technical standards performed beautifully, with the exception of the Higgs boson, no new particles or other phenomena have been discovered.”

Dan Hooper, Associate Scientist in Theoretical Astrophysics at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago.

I am indebted to EarthSkyNews and its writers and editor Deborah Byrd for their inspirational articles that set an imagination afire.


                                               Looking For God

                 (a personal interpretation regarding dark matter) 

Oh, my goodness, Halloween.

Secular as we’ve become we search between

The stars for something we can’t find –

Something way, way, way behind

(or maybe not), for calculations more than hint

At something there. Something here

And all around,

Something we can measure,

Possibly a ground of being –

Universe the metaphor –

Or should one say ‘universes’?


Utterly enchanting this research,

For ‘re’- means ‘one more time’, afresh, again;

We’re looking all the time and then some.

‘Search’, its origin in Latin’s ‘circle’

We are going ‘round in circles

To complete a circle, time and time again.

Looking for design and pattern

Palpable, its charm disarming

And perhaps alarming,

If we ever find it.


Looking For God 10.31.2017

Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; God Book II; Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin

I am indebted to EarthSkyNews and its writers and editor Deborah Byrd for their inspirational articles that set an imagination afire.












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