Morning Greeting To God

On waking I say (thinking, really)

“You’ve been here all night.

You’ll be here all the day,

Providing time, my needs,

And more abstractly, destiny.

The trick is to be welcoming,

A trick that makes the play of pain

More comfortable,

For comfort is so comforting.


When I say pain,

I do not mean

A shoulder ache or thereabouts.

It means the pain of all around,

An ‘all around’ that’s all unbound

Which one will never have the skill to grasp,

Or power to reshape.


The day’s blank piece of paper,

Bland or stimulating,

Filled with action or quite still –

Always etude and apprenticeship.


So I ask myself (symbolically)

What can I learn?

With no idea of what’s to come,

Anticipating nothing

I accept each crumb that falls from

Shall we call it ‘heaven’s table’

(just a metaphor.)


Heaven’s table may be fable,

Morning’s greeting, fleeting phrase;

Both are ways to start the days

With positivity, an energy

To improvise with happy creativity.

What could be better?


Morning Greeting To God 9.25.2017

God Book II; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin



Going To You

              Going To You


I couldn’t sleep. What could I do?

I went to you.

I go as often as I can,

As often as élan emerges:

Like a spy whose operation purges,

Does not tell (well,

those detected and elected).

I ought to come to you more often.

True to form you’re there to soften

In one way or t’other – like a mother.


Is it just interpretation, fancy, brain synaptic,

Watching happenings?

Often ending as I would wish they should,

Seeing failings patched, detached,

Improving slowly once they’re hatched?


If I had been born to preach,

Joined synagogue or church,

Become rabbi, Mormon, Witness, priest,

Going north, south, west and east

At least I’d feel I landed.


But I’m silent and agog,

A secret seeker through the fog of worldly turbulence

And tastes that tempt, participating in the dance

With casualness, no casualty, but taking in causality as One,

It being April one, a day of fun at fooling friends –

Supercool, I face and grace it with my presence.


Going To You 4.1.2017

God Book II; Circling Round Reality; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin



God Has A Plan

       God Has A Plan


God has a plan.

A plan?

What does it mean?

And what is God?

Not meaning to be mean,

I want to take in

Them’s that do and them’s that don’t

Believe or doubt.


If followed to the end,

All roads lead home to Rome.

Good-natured, good humored,

Dastard, bastard,

Substandard, no standard

Which means bad, good and all the world.


The plan, a plan

Is interesting indeed.

To analyze, interpret, give word to,

For we need

A word to read, be heard,

To take into the heart and head.


If you are a keen observer

Of the concrete and empirical,

You see that things have patterns,

(for example, thought and matter).

Post- and pre- the pattern makes it lyrical.

(That for fun – the main thing is the plan.)


Laws to measure, near and clear,

Self-evident, plain as the nose upon your face.

(Water seeks the lowest space).

Laws unclear, obscure, inferred,

Laws that find no place in science.


Plan, the God adored – is Law;

Door short of adoration.

There’s nothing wrong

With seeing through those eyes,

To please

Those on the border

Of belief and dis-



God Has A Plan 3.30.2017

God Book II; Circling Round Science II; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin


Even & All The Time

     Even & All The Time

God is giving out

Evenly and all the time.


Evenly and all the time

Through Law and laws,

A clout, a shout, no hanging about;

Efficient, effective and quick.


A seeming quirk that never quits:

The nature of God,

Nature of God,

An Absolute absolutely.


Even And All The Time 3.18.2017

God Book II;

Arlene Corwin


     For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t

For those who can’t or won’t believe…

Refusal, aptitudinal deficiency;

A lack of interest or an inability

To think it through

And come to That conclusion.

I look up to all,

Roads leading in the end to Rome,

The roaming in us all.


For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t 3.18.2017

God Book II;

Arlene Corwin




He Never Did Believe

He never did believe in God –

Just couldn’t.

He went yesterday.

I hope he faded, simply faded,

Fell asleep pain free, thought free

And no anxiety.

I never preach.

I cannot teach,

But feel some It does reach us all

According to capacities,

The faculty through faculties,

Our capabilities.


Belief or not –

Life’s crux takes care,

Taking generations through –

To rid the self of doubt,

Of frailty and flaw.


There’s force out there

Before the stars,

Before the universes

And our cares.


He never did believe

Or even contemplate the reasons why.

It’s all okay.

It has its reasons reasoning

Beyond the sky and comprehension.


He Never Did Believe 12.11.2016

Birth, Death & In Between II; God Book II;

Arlene Corwin

(to Å)




For Those Who Can’t Believe

For those who can’t believe

I leave you with: God is just word

To gird up life and lessen pain;

Intended to encompass unexplainables

That science or psychology can’t clarify:

The ecstasy of insights

Helplessness of death,

Mystery philosophies

Of paths that lead to happiness;

With logic all their own to laud,

Reality reduced to primal cause

That some call God.


Problems of belief lie in

The gene or flair; the character

Or IQ that x factors cannot cover.


There, in entity invisible, in force likewise,

Books, systems aim to clarify

In symbol, parable and story;

Threads for some, nonsense for others

Who prefer to live by ethics; other codes

To take a hold of.


“God” is odd,

And hard;

A word,

A shortcut, like the Sanskrit Om –

To something real, a waterwheel

To rain down onto neuron’s brain.


That’s almost all that I can say

Leaving those who can’t believe

Until some other insight comes its way

Some Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


For Those Who Can’t Believe 11.13.2016

To The Child Mystic II; God Book II;

Arlene Corwin


What Is Faith, Really?

The Pope is coming here today, ‘here’ being Sweden.

Sweden has around a hundred fifty thousand Catholics;

Loyal bricks

In a religion with its world mystique;

Jesus the pivot, One-theistic.

Kind of him. Kind and broad-minded.

Plans to meet with not just Catholic,

But Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Lutheran –

A sojourn


So what is faith?

It’s expectation, trust, conviction, hopefulness and confidence

In something that can only just be sensed,

For instance,

If you’ve faith in money, you can touch the money,

But the green can never guarantee the thing,

The happiness that it will bring,

And for how long.

Imperceptible, invisible, an energy

With wish inbuilt;

A wish and hope.

I understand the atheist.

To him the whole unjust-ifiable and –fied;


He can’t believe in God.

But what he doesn’t understand

Is that he too has faith –

Perhaps in love, his father, mother, one

Or other institution:

Faith in something –

All of it a veiled or unnoticed hint;

A blended tint linking the man to one thing

Or another.*

*of course when I say man, I mean both, all and every gender.

What Is Faith, Really? 10.31.2016

Our Times, Our Culture II; To The Child Mystic II; God Book II; Swedish Book;

Arlene Corwin


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