Coming Soon! God Book

COMING SOON!  GOD BOOK by ARLENE CORWIN published by Xlibris.

         In this book you’ll see my theology and cosmology. You’ll see, as I see in the editing, methods/ideas I’ve used in the past and still use.   God Book is, in some places very like To The Child Mystic, only more stripped, more direct. God Book is about God.  Full stop. Period.

     In each new book, this being the 13th, I find myself revising and updating. Each new edition seems to bring me one step closer to whatever it is I am as an author.   God Book has had so many poems altered I can hardly keep count. Starting out at 276 poems, I’ve managed to whittle them down to 168. Each new book really is a new book – even with the fact that some of the poetry was written as much as 55 years ago. I have to keep telling myself that Whitman wrote, published, rewrote, published again, re-re-wrote and published yet again. It’s such a comfort: Johnny Mercer, Leo Tolstoy, both re-writers. One could do a doctorate on re-writers

       I am traceable through my poetry. The changes, the development, the evolution – I [happily] see it myself as I edit.

     Sometimes a personal god, sometimes an impersonal one,  a He or It depends on the need of the moment. Truth is supra-linguistic – all pronouns suit. It is the relationship that counts.

      Truth knows exactly what it is doing. Not that it ‘does’ in the sense of actively participating in movement. Not that it ‘knows’ in the active sense either. It’s an operating law, this truth with a big T. Not doing, not knowing, but producing effects.

     You’ve got to see things in the cosmic sense –hugely; causes way-in producing effects way-out, producing in turn, causes way-out which produce effects way-in. And you, who see catastrophes, human and natural – you, who want to affix blame on something, someone – for you (I,we) there is only one personal alternative in the absence of answers: distancing in the form of seeing things as they would be seen way out in the cosmos, the only pre-supposition being this: there is such a thing as truth that is not dependent on relative values. It is Truth with a big T.

     I’ve got friends who, when we talk about truth, say things like “Whose truth” or “What do you mean by truth?” To them I say, don’t read this. Laws work but they don’t do anything themselves. They are more like rules of the game, bases from which things operate. You can’t get any more basic than Truth, big T: all encompassing truth.   God.


   Off-the-cuff and finally, it’s your happiness and peace of mind we’re talking about here.


One Or Two Bangs 2002

A Couple Of Bangs


I was standing on my head and thinking:

One or two bangs

And the knowledge could go;

Just when I’m learning

To use my computer!

One or two bangs

And we’re scraping for scrap,

Riding on horses

(If any are left),

Charting new courses,


Of a map,

Lighting and warming with flame sparked by flint,

Barter our mint,

Clothes made of lint.

Two generations, the knowledge could fade,

Memories turning to legend and shadow.

Just when I’m learning to turn on the Net!

I haven’t begun to discover things yet.


A couple of bangs, a volcano that’s spewed

And the whole thing is screwed:

E-mail, airplane, trip to the stars –

(If not to the stars, then to Venus or Mars).

I was just getting used to the silicon chip,

Miniaturized lightness, plasticized hip;

All this could go with a couple of bangs,

A forty day rain

On a main plain in Spain.

God, don’t give up on us,

Rescue us,

For we’re too few bangs away.


A Couple Of Bangs 10.18.2002

Our Times, Our Culture; God Book;

Arlene Corwin





Covering The Arguments

Covering The Arguments


What does it do

To the personal you

If I blaspheme or blast off?

Do you think that God minds,

Is insulted by minds that are blind?

God is bigger than that.

He laughs at the ill-behaved brat

‘Cause He loves a good joke.

He loves the whole earth

While he waits for us patiently birth after birth.

He’s such a nice bloke

You can talk to Him any which way that you feel:

Feeling is only like smoke.


Covering The Arguments 2.24.1995/4.23.2005

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; To The Child Mystic; God Book;

Arlene Corwin




Existence Process In The Head

Existence Process In The Head


I’m either,

Thinking about things to do,

Things I miss,

Things I’m short of,

Things I want,

Or things to do with people,



Guilt-trips –

Then I’m bored:

Vacuous or restless.

It leads normally to God,



Finally, to giving in

And up.

I am a nothing something:

Helpless, frail.

Then I pray

A giant nothing prayer.

There’s nothing there

Except a nothing-I and no-thing You.

Then it’s through

Until the next time.


Existence Process In The Head 6.20.2004

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; To The Child Mystic; God Book;

Arlene Corwin

From A God’s-Eye Point Of View

From A God’s-Eye Point Of View


From a God’s-eye point of view

I watch and see

And make no judgment –

Nothing that would damn.

It’s all a blessing:

Schemer, cheat:

The energy.

The sheep who bleat within the arts

Without the talent in their parts:

The energy.

I love it all.

I watch them climb.

I watch them fall —

I even love the climber’s fall.

To hear a singer who can’t sing,

Attempt to sing;

A politick that doesn’t tick,

Can never tick –

The politician’s game and trick;

The planetary shift of coin

From poor to rich, from rich to poor;

I join the stitch that joins the poor.

The amateur, professional;

The sad, bad, glad mad, fad attempts

That link it all –

I like it all.

It gets my whole approval.

Not the quality or quantity,

But energy; the haul,

The long haul and beyond.


We’re bonded.

All the actors, all the acts,

All the tactless, misjudged pacts;

We’re glued,

When viewed

From God’s objective eye.


From A God’s-Eye Point Of View 1.5.2001

To The Child Mystic; God Book;

Arlene Corwin



It’s All So Logical 7.23.2014

It’s All So Logical


If fractal theory holds true,

Then You are me and I am You,

And that old apothegm

Is metaphorically true too;

[Made in the image of…] the start the root,

A heart whose continuity of branches are

In duplicate – in miniature

Ad infinitum.


Why didn’t someone put it this way


Can it all be that simple?


It’s All So Logical 7.23.2014

God Book; Circling Round Science II;

Arlene Corwin



Inclusive/Exclusive 5.3.1995

Inclusive Exclusive


I heard them talking.

Back and forth they talked about

The universal gout;

Secular society’s exclusion of the concept ‘evil’.

Focusing on genocide – pride in killing off a race –

They harkened back to World War Two –

To Pole, gay, Gypsy, Marxist, Jew –

When one mustachioed-crazed face

Decided to kill off a race that never even was a race.

“How does it come about, they asked.

-And how can we prevent it?

There was rabbi, priest from West, East.

“Can we kill the killing beast

And turn the killing to a feast

And universal peace?” They were erudite alright.

Not right, bur erudite.

One said that we must teach the whelps.

Education is what helps.

One said that we can’t burn the seed,

So punish those that do the deed,

Chase the villains, make them bleed –

Justice must be served and seen. The cause was man alone.

But where was God, I heard me groan.

The priest and rabbi, smart but green,

-Oh God was there, but cause was man.

The cause was man?

How can the cause be man

When God is absoluter than…

First cause and seed, the first split second all decreed.

All that follows fulfills need.

It seemed so plainful clear to me.

It followed as the night the day

That even murdered masses stay

Within the scope of God’s good meaning.

If God is and still they die,

There’s meaning somewhere in the sky

And meaning must be dying’s seeming,

Any other meaning dreaming.

Back to rabbi and to priest:

Back and forth they sought solutions.

I could see a key, a yeast

Which, when increasing, chokes pollutions:

Leave the club that says “exclusive”.

Join the club that has “inclusive” on the door.

It isn’t easy not to hate, not easy to include the Yids,

The blacks, the gays; teach yourself and teach the kids.

But it’s the gate. We are the geno of the cide

Try taking God on this queer ride.

A good way to begin; to make a circle drawing in

Someone whose eye you catch,

Who chances near, who seeks your ear,

Who forms the batch of living skin

That happens to fall in your patch.

Include the wretch you are, as well.

Tell, yell and ring this bell.

To make a heaven out of hell, include!


Inclusive/Exclusive 5.23.1995

Definitely Didactic; Our Times, Our Culture; God Book;

Arlene Corwin

Nothing Is Sacred Anymore 1996

Nothing Is Sacred Anymore


What’s sacred?

Internet is not, although it’s taking over.

Governments are not.

They’re only lots:

Persons without names;

Offices in frames.

What’s sacred?

Art’s unstable. So’s the food

And dreams meant to enhance the good;

Buildings meant to further faith –closed six days in a week.

You can’t get in

And so you sin.

If you’re the type who needs to speak

To God in such a place, you’re lost,

Tossed out into the street ‘til Sunday.

What is sacred?

Maybe nature’s underlying laws and change.

Maybe fire. (Not guns on the firing range)

But all the universes’ suns; first cause;

Laws of truth; you, me.

I’d hope that something’s sacred

Even though I cannot see it.

Something’s there that’s worth the prayer:

Something holy in the air.

Perhaps the problem’s in the word –

The nothing/something word absurd.

A thing with no- some- can’t possess

The ring of sacredness.

So why should I be disappointed,

Cynical or sad

When this world is an un-anointed

World, and going slowly, wholly mad.

Is sacred scared (of being sacred nowadays?)


Nothing Is Sacred Anymore 4.8.1996

Our Times, Our Culture; God Book;

Arlene Corwin

What Is 6.24.2014

What Is


A point of light and inside, love.

Knowledge that we cannot know,

Knowledge that we do:

What is. A thing whose energy itself is bliss;

(For us the height of happiness)

Peace and mercy (even when the thing looks bad);

Power never ending, always made;

And light that’s conscious –

That’s the best: the consciousness.


It can’t be born.

It never is.

It cannot die.

It never does.

It doesn’t do

And yet

It is itself a giver,

Right down to its un-existing liver.


Who is what is who?

I do not know.

Not born, not dying:

Entitled to big letter I;

Incorporeal, yet pleased no matter what.

An oceanic jet, cascade; a spring of virtue.

Back to that:

It is [in fact] the solitary thing that’s true.


What Is 6.6.2010/revised 6.24.2014

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; To The Child Mystic II; God Book;

Arlene Corwin

Waiting For A Miracle 2.3.2014

While Waiting For A Miracle


It’s ten a.m.

You’re still in bed.

Still dead and tired of limb

You use the last resort

And go to Him for help.

“Fill each cell with energy,

Enough to move this tired body.

Take inertia from me.

Filling head with force and verve,

Activity, a course and nerve.”

You’re waiting for a miracle –

And that’s okay.

At least you’ve hope to save the day,

Pave a way.

An hour more, you’re still at rest.

The cat is sitting on your chest.

You’ve seven books surrounding you.

(At least the mind is active.)

Hunger activates.

You wait because the hunger waits.

You read and write and meditate.

Perhaps that’s what He wants.

Reading, stillness, prayer

Until some movement enters where

It’s there someplace out in the blue,

You hoping it will enter you.

“Power, fire, fill each cell.

Make this flaccid form feel well;

Prod to productivity!

Make stagnation atrophy!”

Ah, a sign! You’ve got to pee.

Wonder in simplicity.

The miracle!


While Waiting For A Miracle 5.11.1999/8.26,2004/2.3.2014

To The Child Mystic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; God Book;

Arlene Corwin


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