I Get These Offers

I Get These Offers📚✍️

Week by week I get these offers.
Promises whose fluff
Assures a writer stuff
That’s not exactly useless
But expensive and illusionary.

It takes time to make a name.
A name that lasts,
Is fast and fastened
In the hearts and minds.

There’s really no success
That’s instantaneous.
It is skill that must be owned
And grown –
Which skill takes seasons,
Brilliance honed,
The phases gone through
To develop worthiness,
True value.

Be authentic always, all ways.
Don’t be rushed.
Move slowly, without haste,
Not wasting precious time
On offers ego-full but profitless.

Offers there will always be.
Onuses too: three,
Four, five and six…
Get your kicks
From filling coffers with
A creativity that genuinely sticks
For always.

I Get These Offers 11.30.2018 I Is Always We Is You; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

Days After: Post Birthday

This is serious business, series stuff!  I hope it’s not too long to hold your attention. I don’t wish to try your patience.
        Days After: Post Birthday 📡✍️
Twenty-five past midnight,
Lights are down and so am I, 
Cat on bed
And Arlene headed
For a future not yet formed –
If formed not known. 
Have you taken note or, paid attention, 
That with birthday done,
The formal back to normal,
And you’re on your way
To twelve months later,
There is an ambience, 
A new and hopeful dance begun?
Life is the strangest:
After being wined and dined,
Celebrated, loved and praised,
I see, on TV news released
The little California town 
Where daughter Jennifer was born,
Burnt down! 
Paradise – its name now wrong,
Evacuated and destroyed,
Heaven turned to fiery hell.
Good, good Lord, I’m tearful-filled
With sadness;  
The madness
                     of cruel fate,
The date that I make eighty-four
Daughter’s birthplace is no more!
And other daughters, sons and pets:
As diabolical as life gets!
Dumbfounding, staggering, injurious to matter
With no soul-ution cearly chartered.
Days of celebrating
Must be taken
For though behaving cheerily and merrily,
One knows that lifestyles change within a minute:
Miinuet to ricochet, 
Swimsuit to a lawsuit –
Nature’s calm to warfare’s harm.
Friends, be serious, be kind,
Avoid illusions that seem lasting.
Is that asking
                      just too much?
Is the asking just unjust?
Friends, become unblind.
It’s all about two opened eyes,
Becoming wise by sizing up reality –
In all its lies.
Day After: Post Birthday 11.10.2018 Birthday Book; I Is Always You is We; Arlene Nover Corwin


Corruption Of The Heart

A bit schmaltz-illy didactic, but so what! It’s what occurred to me this morning and I worked many an hour on it – believe it or not.

   Corruption Of The Heart👿
There’ll always be 
Corruption of the heart.
The very best of movements,
(drives political or moral)
Have it, always will. 
Nothing saves the heart’s behaviour
When the insight and the inner will
Are out of sync.
The best intentions all contain misapprehensions.
Aims invested in the best of slogans –
Ideals righteous, mottos strong,  
Must  go wrong.
At least in part.
There’s always a corruption of the heart.
Look at yourself,
How tough it is to put
Your prejudices on a shelf.
Foods, books, what is good looks…
God knows, we’re stubborn, stiff, part-smart.
It is corruption of the heart.
Be on the watch and pay attention.
Dub it!  Catch it!  Advertising’s worst invention
Is to give corruption some nice name.
Shun it, if you’ve got the shame,
The strength, the virtue and the aim.
It’s in your heart,
It is in mine. 
Scrutiny’s the cure  benign;
Know it, name it at the start.
The illness, willingness: to terminate,
Eradicate, annihilate:
This damned corruption of the heart!
Corruption Of The Heart 11.5.2018 I Is Always, You Is We; Arlene Never Corwin

A Lighthearted Poem For All We Scorpios

In light go all the heartrendingly serious problems I’ve been writing about lately, I decided to write and enter another side of things.

A Lighthearted Poem For All We Scorpios♏️

This is a poem to cover
All we Scorpios alive or not.
In case you didn’t know,
We are a special lot –

‘Cover’ means:
Envelop and enfold, embody and embrace.
We are lovers
And the charming-est of ‘race’..
(of course I’m not impartial).

We are: fixed, we don’t change easily.
We must learn flexibility.
And mixed: Our colors brown and black,
Deep red/maroon;
Our rulers; Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Moon.
We’re born between:
Oct. 23 – Nov. 22
This poem’s for me, this poem’s for you.

We are the highest and the lowest:
So you ‘knowest’, we are:
Forceful and intuitive, passionate, magnetic.
We are great survivors.
BUT, we’re also jealous and possessive,
Wilful, secretive, compulsive and obsessive.

Make sure you choose the best;
Turn secrets to transparency…
Watch out for all the rest.

Believer in the mystic all/ material
One or the other/none of these
You are a sister, brother, father, mother
Therefore, take astrology with ease
And live with love, and how you please.

A Lighthearted Poem For All We Scorpios 10.31.2018
I Is Always We Is You; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

No Idea Come Out Of A Vacuum #2

         No Idea Comes Out Of A Vacuum #2

           (When I Say I, I Mean You Too)📚✍️

I’ve said it before,

I’ll say it again.

No idea comes from the moon,

Out of a vacuum or a sunbeam.

I, Arlene scarce knows a thing

That hasn’t sourced outside my ring.


A recipe seen on TV,

A geologic find inspiring some philosophy

Read, heard, forgotten.

Yet, the mind creates arrangements never done

By me nor read by you;

Creation’s magic re-renewed

Exactly that!  A thing brought into

Being from some nothing, it would seem.

It shows in dreams, in ways we preen;

In trends we light on, buy and wear;

In one’s behaviour.


Seen and taken in somewhere

Inside the brain, stamping its seal

That helps me dare, helps me to bare

A soul quite hidden from before;

Everything and everyone a mentor.

No Idea Comes Out Of A Vacuum #2 10.26.2018 I Is Always You Is We; The Processes. Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Approaching Eighty-Four

Approaching Eighty-Four🌈🧘‍♀️🎹🎙

I’ve done this before:
Approached an age ending in -four,
Each ode not odious, just curious.
We try again, thinking a-fresh,
Looking back perhaps, or not at all,
Each day too precious to make small
By wasting time
Or spending energy so prime
One can’t afford to lose a moment.

So, the four shall represent a forward;
Optimistic, filled with power
For and in the precious hour;
Looking pretty
For each meeting –
Why the devil not? One’s got
A draw full of cosmetics –
Why not use them up,
Take priorities inborn,
Sworn in by gene-filled gifts and such,
And stay in touch.
“Know yourself” says Socrates.
“Please yourself”, says Corwin.
Integrating both, the tightest squeeze
Can be a breeze, can save your skin,
Transform a sin to virtue.

So, this eighty-four
Will use the talents and affections,
Making use of recollections and reflections
For a future
Filled with skilled and skilful, single-minded concentrations.

Approaching Eighty-Four 8.28.2018 Birthday Book; Birth, Death & In Between III; Pure Nakedness II; Circling Round Aging; Circling Round Energy; Circling Round Time II; I Is Always You Is We; Lessons To Be Learned; Nature Of & In Reality, Arlene Nover Corwin

Still Needing Reminders #2

Still Needing Reminders #2📖✍️🤔(it’s better than #1, I think)

How long does it take to be a person
Who does not need reminders?
There have always been
Those men and women fully mended
And full-ended
Who learned all the burdens, meaningfulness,
Sum and substance
Of reality:
In other words, its essence.

Incarnation, seer, saint,
Completed men and women
Who know of life for what it ‘ain’t’
And what it truly represents
Here and possibly beyond.

In that case,
How long should it take, for me,
And probably for you,
To get to be that total human
One so much looks up to.

One works, strives perhaps, for lives.
One thinks at times one’s climbed the climb,
Attained its aim,
Achieved, accomplished… then one’s lame,
Where one must climb some more,
Renew the ‘brilliant’ store
Of insight that one thought one had,
Life’s underlying gladness passed
(or is it past?).

That’s when books come down once more
From well-stocked shelf;
One searches once again for self
Through words of those who saw the light;
Whose insights helped and help your night:
Your dark night of the soul*

Stage set,
Sage is met.
You’ve been re-minded and re-souled;
Not far off from whole again –
Till then.

Still Needing Reminders 10.10.2018 Revelations Big & Small; To The Child Mystic II; Circling Round Reality; God Book II I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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