We’ll Call it Global Warning

   We’ll Call It Global Warníng


Global warming

Is alarming

‘cept when hot

when it should not.

It’s always thrilling

With a spring that comes in March.

Of course,

One may be wrong, but

What’s a robins’ song

Doing in garden mine

When everyone in Sweden

Knows it’s win-



We’ll Call It Global Warning 2.26.2017

Circling Round Nature II; Out Times, Our Culture II; Swedish Book;

Arlene Corwin



What Is Faith, Really?

The Pope is coming here today, ‘here’ being Sweden.

Sweden has around a hundred fifty thousand Catholics;

Loyal bricks

In a religion with its world mystique;

Jesus the pivot, One-theistic.

Kind of him. Kind and broad-minded.

Plans to meet with not just Catholic,

But Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Lutheran –

A sojourn


So what is faith?

It’s expectation, trust, conviction, hopefulness and confidence

In something that can only just be sensed,

For instance,

If you’ve faith in money, you can touch the money,

But the green can never guarantee the thing,

The happiness that it will bring,

And for how long.

Imperceptible, invisible, an energy

With wish inbuilt;

A wish and hope.

I understand the atheist.

To him the whole unjust-ifiable and –fied;


He can’t believe in God.

But what he doesn’t understand

Is that he too has faith –

Perhaps in love, his father, mother, one

Or other institution:

Faith in something –

All of it a veiled or unnoticed hint;

A blended tint linking the man to one thing

Or another.*

*of course when I say man, I mean both, all and every gender.

What Is Faith, Really? 10.31.2016

Our Times, Our Culture II; To The Child Mystic II; God Book II; Swedish Book;

Arlene Corwin


The Longest Day – Again


Oh, this time business!

Reminded with, by many signs;

Symbols that we celebrate and calibrate;

Every year the summer solstice!

Here in Sweden parties, feasting, dancing, joy,

With a thread of aggravation, kicking off annoyance –

Passing time a sign indeed!


Darkening a little earlier,

Seeds sown both in earth and past

Bloomed and harvested. Some not manifest.

Autumn on its way, and winter.

Wishfully, another spring, but now is now,

One can’t allow a sorrow.

Sun is strongest. Night is shortest. Day is longest.

And hurrah!


The Longest Day – Again 6.21.2016

Circling Round Nature II; Birth, Death & in Between II; Nature Of & In Reality; Swedish Book;

Arlene Corwin



The Clocks Have Gone Ahead In Sweden


The clocks have gone ahead in Sweden.

We are already near the pole – the North,

Rotating round and near the sun.

Can you imagine!

Going daily toward a day

That’s almost twenty-four light hours long.

I sit here seven forty-five (that’s almost eight).

It’s light!

Exquisite clouds shine red,

Reflecting sun through underside.

One comprehends, yet doesn’t, since

Just yesterday was darkening. We’d eaten dinner.

Now I’m hungry and I’ve raided the refrigerator.

One small hour means a lot.


For those of you who’ve never been

To Sweden in

The spring when

Clocks go daylight savings time –

For those who only think of polar bears

And Volvo cars,

And Greta Garbo,

Let me tell you, no, inform you,

When the clock goes marching into March

It doesn’t march,

It springs

To breathless beauty.


The Clocks Have Gone Ahead In Sweden 3.27.2016

Swedish Book; Circling Round Nature II;

Arlene Corwin



Cool & Unpredictable

Cool and Unpredictable


A single day:

Half hail, half sun,

Half calm, half storm,

Half cloud, half azure blue,

Half dry, half shower;

Eight halves in a single hour

In a single day:

Iffy, dicey, temperamental,

Cool and unpredictable.


Yet it’s Sweden,

First of June,

Sun up until eleven;

Yellow sun, the wonder

Every year the selfsame splendor.


Cool & Unpredictable 6.2.2015

Swedish Book; Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Nature II;

Arlene Corwin



Hot Day In Sweden 7.19.2014

Hot Day In Sweden


Sixteen of the tiniest –

Darting, dashing, bolting flash of fish;

School of darling, swimming, skimming-surface fish.

Pattern there,

Not easy to decipher.


Is there play installed in instinct?

Is survival all?

Prank and inbuilt freedom

Its own call?


Hard to say.

Hard to see.


Usch! Uh oh!

In a streak a strike!

Three pike shot out from nowhere!


Gone the sixteen –

Left, just six.

Nature’s tricks defy description.


Hot Day In Sweden 7.19.2014

Swedish Book; Birth, Death & In Between II; Circling Round Nature II;

Arlene Corwin



All Saint’s Day In Sweden 2014

         All Saint’s Day Sweden


Cemeteries dot the towns:

Discreet, well-kept and gardened,

Water pails


To all who come to water flowers

Lovingly displayed or planted with devotion.

Where I come from,

Graveyard stones awry,

Bleak, toppled, blackened, hurt the eye.

In Sweden, airplay dots the day

Commemorating those who’ve died.

A ceremony for the dead;

Radio and flowerbeds

Reminding Sweden’s Christians.

This strange anomaly:

All Saint’s Day taken seriously

While the churches empty faster

Than the eye can see

Or ear can hear.

Yet, young and old set off

To lines of queuing cars

At graveyards gate.

They wait their turn,

To pay respect,

(perhaps to some they’ve never met).


All Saint’s Day in Sweden.

Unrelated totally to Halloween

In Brooklyn. 


All Saint’s Day In Sweden 11.2.2013/2.4.2014

Swedish Book;

Arlene Corwin



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