OutsideTime: Hawking March 14, 2018

On seeing the Hawking news some hours ago: Be the first to read/react to my reaction.  Not about jazz, not about yoga, but about recognition.

         Outside Time: Hawking March 14, 2018 

No obit this,

But chance to memorize, memorialize,

Tattoo the size of genius,

How it comes to earth in time

Then goes god-only-knows how/where –

Knowing only: not damned here.

Yet ‘there’, by definition place,

Perhaps is space;

Maybe a ‘where somewhere’ in space –

A guess both uniformed and obvious.


Mister Hawking, master Hawking

Freed from chair and ALS,

Cells and intellect’s fine processes;

Mammoth efforts of all kinds

To feed the body,

Read the mind(s)

Of universes.


To record this day inordinately mixed

With sadness, pride, heroics –

That a man second to none

Has been an Einstein all his own;

Whose works we’ll clone (to yet go farther)

For ‘by works you shall be known.’’

God blessed the non-believer Hawking.

 Outside Time 3.14.2018 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Revelations Big & Small; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Science II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin


When You’re Alone (2 versions)

                When You’re Alone

When you’re alone more than half of each day,

Can you make sure that it doesn’t decay?

I suppose

You could wash out the hosiery,

Dust, vacuum, chat on the phone,

Watch the tube

(Feeling much like a boob) –

I know lots who do that.

You could scrub walls and floors,

Pots and pans…

My own day has its plans

Which it forms from its hub,

Is its nub:

A lie in the tub,

A walk to the post;

Whatever shows up

Ends in verse anyway,

Which lipsticks the day

As it coiffures the gray

Of aloneness.




When you’re alone more than half of each day,

How can you see that it doesn’t decay?

I guess and suppose

You could wash out the hosiery,

Dust, vacuum, chat

On the phone, watch the tube.

I know others who scrub

Out the pots and the pans.

My day has its plans                                                    

Which it forms from the mail

And whatever shows up.

It all ends in verse ;

Some is good, some is worse.

But it feels jolly good

And it sure lifts the curse

Of aloneness.

  When You’re Alone1.28.2000 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; 1&2 (revisited, re-formed 3.6.2018)Arlene Corwin


Getting The Speck Of An Insight Or Phrase

              Getting The Speck of An Insight Or Phrase

A nutty thing!

You get the speck of an insight or phrase,

A phrase or an insight and ideas flow in,

The ideas flowing on.

You hadn’t a notion before you began

And then it evolves

And envelops development.


Draft roughly scribbled on anything handy.

You must catch that flow while you’re randy

Because if you stop

The ideal nonpareil will not pop,

And you’ve lost out a drop

In that ocean of flow

Which may not come again

In the same way as now.


This poem could be labeled

The flow of the now,

Which this ‘now’ is a nano-

The breath of a ‘know’.


What the heck

It’s a speck that’s a speck anyhow.

So look at the title

And read it right through

Or peruse or just browse,

Read aloud as you choose.


An insight of anyone’s worth a good reading,

We all needing art.

That ‘s the view of this poet and ring

Of the nutty thing

She scribbled down at the start.

 Getting The Speck of An Insight Or Phrase 3.6.2018 A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Corwin








As I Meditate

          As I Meditate… 

As I meditate upon the general idea of peace,

Wash my brain with waves of …waves

I see an impact and increase

In the days that follow; expertise                                        

Unexplainable inside these

Small, small, small effects.

Nicer, kinder jets of thought;

Generous, inclusive this:

Embracing (the flip side of scorning or dismissing)

Giving ‘thumbs up’ easily.


Even feel my IQ up. 

Recall dropped into my lap;

The bank behind them all


(a jokey bit of poet freedom)


Patterns and impressions sharper.

Harping on the small things lesser.


My mind turns bad to good.

(As I’ve always hoped it would.)

All opportunity! 

I never understood

This peace idea. 

Not worldly grounded, power founded; sheer

Self caused and self achieved.

Every pause a chance to sieve

The good from bad, the stuff that had

A weakening effect on me.

Since I is always you is we,

All university,

I simply send this little notion;

Hoping it brings oceans

Of the positivity

It’s giving me.

  As I Meditate 2.26.2018 The Processes; Creativity, Thinking, Meditative II; Revelations Big & Small; ArleneCorwin






Writing In The Middle Of The Night

        Writing In The Middle Of The Night

 There’s something nice about the facelessness

Of  Internet,

The anonymity you get

Despite the photos and the instant thing

You hope will ring the bell

Of those around the global ball.

A kind of secret.

You needn’t tell your thoughts,

Spell correctly,

Use our mouth, make a sound –

Just sit there typing while the world goes round.

North, south, east, west,

You’ve got all the time to test your creativity.

Believe me, it’s the best invention

Since sliced bread, the paper clip,

The toilet roll, words ‘hip’ and ‘soul’.


For people who want name and fame

It is a trip to paradise.

The price   is shekels.

What the heck, it’s only money!

And for people whose agenda is pure vanity,

A dream (both fantasy and joy).


In any case, if I may say it once again,

There’s something I appreciate

About the gate that’s opened

Through the faceless anonymity,

Potential creativity and artistry


In the Internet.

 Writing In The Middle Of The Night 2.9.2018The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Corwin


Tansformong A Bad Poem Into A Good Poem

Transforming A Bad Poem Into A Good Poem

       (tinkering & fooling ‘round)

It may take days, months, years:

You tinker.

That’s the key.

To definitely not linger,

But go ‘way, come back, go on

To see with psychic opticons

(my own construct-ee-on) a vision

Of’ creative options,

Freedom new,

A fooling ‘round that’s new for you –

And you are new and changed a little;

Flexible, unbrittle-ized,

(another word vocabul-ized)

A new-sized you

Wherein you see the tool in all,

And all’s a tool.

You’ve fooled around

Just as I’ve done

With word and sound,

And lo, a sound and solid poem transformed


Bad to good.



With eyes revitalized

You’ve seen creative possibilities that revolutionize…

You are one might say, well revised

Wherein you see life as a tool

To take the mundane to the blissful.

Transforming A Bad Poem To A Good Poem 7.6.2016/8.19.2016 Revised 1.18.2018 Definitely Didactic; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Corwin


One Of Those Big Questions

After a sleepless night (well, almost) of meditating, bed yoga and dreaming, this came out this morning while in the bath.

       One of Those Big Questions

 When you get an onset

Of increased insight

And you’re over eighty,

Is it spirit’s harmony, development,

Maturity or dementia?

When you’ve a memory

You never had,

It is good or bad,

Repentance or dementia come

To its fruition?

Intuition of impending end

With chemicals awakened,

Synapses that take you backward

To a time gone by?

Does memory just lie there

Always and forever

To make use of, never severed;

Persevered unconsciously?

One of those big questions answered

Gradually, then suddenly.

One Of Those Big Questions 1.3.2018 Revelations big & Small; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Corwin

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