There’ve Always Been

  Sitting up in bed, energy-less with toothache, I suddenly wrote this.  (Well, it took a while). Boy, the mind is a miracle!

    There’ve Always Been…🧘‍♀️

There’ve always been
The laws that govern:
Judaic law that calls it God or G_d.
Laws that can be calculated,
Those that can’t.

Even if law neutron/proton and law God
Is tiny as a pea in pod,
We, a part of all this law
Have aims and goals
Built into an enormous whole
Which seers see and seers saw
And which aim/goal keeps us in awe.

Time: conundrum.
Beginning-ness, one too.
Did God begin, and is He you?
To know the mind of the Divine
Is to keep company with rules,
Existence being its such school.

There are such things as can’t be known.
We have not come from womb full-blown.
Alone and yet we’re not alone.
Yes, yet we feel we’re not alone.

The mystic in his faith says:
“God and I are one!”
A feeling become fact
Which alters act
In motive, word and thought.

Theist or non-theist
All agree that laws come first,
And how you thirst
And what you call it,
Where you go to search for all it
Is up to you.

Truth, big T will always be
In every systematic study
Of the sciences, religions and philosophy –
Yet still remain a mystery.

There’s always been
A space, pure energy and matter;
Countless atoms, specks within
All species living in the clatter
Of a being-ness that’s born
And goes, yet comes again.
God or not,
The rules and names are all we’ve got
And these have always been.
There’ve Always Been3.25.2019 To The Child Mystic II; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

On A Personal Note

Hello! 🧘‍♀️ ✍️

On A Personal Note
(re-worked, which always means improved )

Mind broadening or deepening
Lately, daily, palpably.
I sense it in the attitudes, perception
Where a whole takes over eyes and brain.
How to explain it?
Word ‘ineffable’ makes headway,
There at hand but not to say.

The more I use the frontal lobe,
The deeper in this tattoo molds
The hemispheres with all its folds,
The globe
Of intellect and intuition reveling
In links on every level,
Interwoven at each bevel.

Unpredictable as it is puzzling,
One is grateful for this chiseling;
Sharpening and steeping
In a marinade
Of God.

This, but one small cry of ‘halloo’.
Never would I force this view on you
Or you or you… The note
That’s coming from my throat
Is info to construe
As you
Would like.

For me, it’s just a small account
Of some sort of detached amount
Of mind enhancement
To any single soul who’ll listen,
For it glistens in its litany.
(At least for me.)

On A Personal Note 2.23.2019 Circling Round Reality; Pure Nakedness II; To The Child Mystic II;
Arlene Nover Corwin

Year After Year: More Love

Found on a scrap of paper being used as a bookmark and dated 12.19.2017. The content was vaguely structured and unfinished, and seemed to be directed at a two people relationship. As I copied it it took on a life of its own and wound up as something much broader than that.

Year After Year: More Love💕🧘‍♀️👫

Year to year
I notice that I love you more.
What mechanism is at work?
What key? What trick?
The love is tenderer and steadier,
Patient, free and headier.

Love is giving.
Giving means the gift of living
To the giver and giv-ee,
Who doesn’t want to live in perpetuity?

So, morning, noon, and night
It’s fair to say that love is light
And maybe Light in deepest essence.
So I thank whoever for its presence:
Who, where and whatever
Put this love in gear
To make it more
Year after year.

Year After Year: More Love 1.24.2019 Found on scraps; Love Relationships II; To The Child Mystic II; God Book Ii; Arlene Nover Corwin

No People, No Things

There is part of a system of thought that says every time you dwell on the thought of people or things you lose sight of your self. It makes sense because thought, its being an ephemeral, comes in and goes on to another at the speed of lightening. Where is the you in that moment? A you that is essential, the you you want to find out about, go into at will and stay for longer than that lightening.

The habit of thinking about people and things disallows that, discourages that, waters down the ability. Result? One is spending hours of the day reaching out to an illusion, a passing evaluation, an ever changing object. Time wasted.

No People, No Things

A guarantee and rule of thumb
To the confused, depressed and numb:
Watch your thought and cancel out
The onslaught of intruding thought,
The babbling bout
That canters around things and people!
People, things: treacle-binding
Lust to rust –
First to last,
A dust to dust.
The biggest drug of all!

On the streets
Thought longs for treats,
Its base in things and people;
Gossip, impulse, points of view.
Where is the you?

Make a space encircling thought:
Fill it with an inner breath,
Take this knack for what its worth –
A hint to catch a glint
Of heaven’s state on earth:
See what goes on in your head: inside instead.

No People, No Things 2.11.1997/the whole renewed1.17.2019 To The Child Mystic II; Definitely Didactic; Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

There Is A You Within The You

There Is A You Within The You 🎇

There s a you within the you.
Does it sound strange?
The you outside that’s full of change –
A constant you inside with range inclusive
Filled with living life suffused with
Consciousness: Unalterable, constant,
Entering each physical and mental portal,
Immaterial, immortal:
With a motive /free of motive.
Made of nothing that we know of.

How do you define a spirit
Sitting there and doing nothing?
How do you define an essence,
An awareness,
Always there, this always-thereness?
Of course there is the no-thing air-ness
To compare with –
Never felt but all around, no sound, unbounded;
Wound around your each and every bone,
Its function all its own.

There is a you within
That’s free of sin
That has a memory
Of an eternity
For it has always been.

There Is A You Within The You 1.6.2019 To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Right Time, Right Place

Right Time, Right Place🧘‍♀️😇💡

Things come to fruition –
(At the) right time, right place.
You never have to be concerned
‘Bout what you’ve earned or lost,
All tossed into the law of karma.

For those to whom the word is strange,
Exotic, unfamiliar,
Karma is the principle
That all that is has cause;
And with this cause has an effect
Which outcome self becomes a cause…
And on and on…

Which leads us to hypothesize:
Each happening has had a cause,
Become a link in chains of laws.
Therefore, how can a happening
Belong to luck or chance,
A twist of fate, coincidence?
Which leads us further to deduce:
There are no accidents.
Not really.

I take solace in this theory:
Blame no one, no thing, and so on…
Having nothing else to go on
To explain with any sort of clarity
Happenings which mystify
Or cause us to put praise or blame
Onto a name,
We sparking our and other’s flame,
Which, if you get what I’ve been saying,
Starts another chain of karmic playing.

All we can do, is aim at lives the wise advise:
To maximise the happiness
Try to purify each cause we have
On others and ourselves.

Right Time, Right Place 12.18.2018 To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

A Prophet Almost Never Profits (In His Own Home Town)

The phrase came through at a sleepless 3am.  Couldn’t resist, of course. 

A Prophet Almost Never  Profits  (In His Own Home Town) 

Friends have a view of you

That’s partly/seldom/never true.

Take a man and wife:

Seldom on each other’s wavelength.

Keep evolving.

Don’t expect applause;

Expectoration maybe (sadly).

Character and person what it is, you can’t

Require anyone to understand.

Keep evolving.


No one knows but you – perhaps a chosen few,

The depth of insight you impart.

You’re not a braggart.

Keep evolving.


Laugh, live, giving all you can.

Need no recognition,

Recognition the illusion!

History and legend

Tell the fatal end of

Jesuses and Joans of Arc,

Inventors, artists, scientists…

The lists go on.


So, misinterpreted, wise, good,

Relax and keep on getting better,

Without one small letter

Of desire for validation 

Or a single commendation. 


Friends you grew with, 

Kin you played with,

Neighbours living right next door

Will always house a poor and limited 

Idea of you, since all idea

Is mere


Keep evolving.


Learn this precept and relax.

Cut the bands with thinking’s axe.

Stretching, changing, giving out

The best you’re got,

And like the laughing Buddha,

In your secret philosophic hall,

Call to lips a prophet’s ha, ha, ha! 

And go on being prophet.

A Prophet Almost Never Profits… 11.21.2018 Circling Round Reality;To The Child Mystic II; Definitely Didactic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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