Can One’s Meditations Influence The World?🙏🧘‍♀️🌈

Once again a mini- wondering has pushed me to the keyboard (not the piano this time). Three hours have passed and here is the result:

Can meditations influence the world?
One daren’t respond
And waits for answers there unlearned;
Through insight, seen, the mystical – alone discerned.

A world? Much to insist upon?
There’s misery, the suffering, the evil, the corruption,
And we know that all that we can do is cure our selves.
Purify the flawed and imperfect-ed self
Whose weakness and shortcomings are hard to shelve.

Can little we, alone on cushion, chair or sofa
Offer up this blemished being
To a seeing eye up in the sky
We well nigh can’t be sure of?

Breathing tricks, mantric techniques,
Sound and focussing and other tweaks –
Can each ache jerk a world into a working peace?
Endeavours and experimenting reach long-term
Through reaching in and out the brain?

One hopes.
We see a world that barely copes –
Whose future looks bleak, weak, with tweeting leaders,
Cheeky citizens who leak the latest happenings.

Science tries. The churches try. Social-minded allies too.
But here is little you, sitting as I’m doing now,
Pondering over ‘if’ and ‘how’
Wondering if our meditations are a mediation
Of conciliatory worth
And if they reach the big round earth
With leverage from this average me.
We’ll speculate a bit – and try, and see!
Can One’s Meditations Influence…?6.16.2019 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Cryptic Time

Posts from all the world!
Who would have thought that flags unfurled
For little me from many you,
And many you from little me.
I’m filled and swell!

Time passes and with glasses raised up high
I sigh a gladdened sigh
That sitting here on chair in Sweden
More than one admiring eye
Is reading this, this very minute
Taking in the things I have to say
On chairs a million miles away.

Quelle mystery! For we
Will all be history a hundred years from now,
Perhaps no documentary fragment left
To inventory our best efforts.
Yet, we’re here, to write and wrestle with
A universe, and universal questions all have faced
Since time began.
And we, each other’s fan
Give love through likes and hearts and upraised thumbs.
Fumbling, tumbling round, zooming in on every crumb
That life can offer
Never coming to an ultimate.
Offering love to every Facebook friend
Not succumbing to the humdrum of an end.
But encouraging each other.
Is that not grand!
Cryptic Time 6.14.2019 Circling Round Time !!; Circling Round Reality; Birth, Death & In Between III; Arlene Nover Corwin

Home Truths✍️

This is to show how development’s ‘evolution’ works. It’s a phenomenon worth exhibiting every now and then. Don’t you think? I write this to writer and artist friends!✍️
Love, Arlene

Wrote this 2.24.1998: Home Truths before I ever got a computer or published a book. This is a revision and a refinement. Tighter, better meter, chopped and cut, more condensed and readable. Much better, I hope.

1st version 2.24.1998
For the man with eyes/The universe lies//In the stories I tell/Through typewriter’s ribbon,/The rhymes that spell/Out the good, ex-uruban nature, food,/My neighbourhood,/The body-me’s,/ The mystic, politic,/Prosaic, partly;/Energy or laziness,/Clarity or haziness;Words that hurt and words of hope/(Mostly hope, for hope encloses./Criticism separates/While hope’s ambrosias/ Fuel the fates/To spurt and cope,/Give life to heart’s least/Beat and last.)Home truths open personal;/Signs of weakness and reversal;/Love with and without libido;/God with and without a credo./home truths for the one with eyes,/
Worldwide spread on paper size A4.

For the man with eyes,
The universe lies in the stories I tell
Through typewriter’s ribbon;
With rhymes that spell out,
The good, food, my old neighbourhood,
Body-ness, politics: prosaic partlys,
With energy, laziness, clarity, haziness,
Hurtful words, hopeful words,
Hopeful curds, for hope encloses,
While nick-picking separates all hope’s ambrosias,
Fueling the fates to spurt upwards and cope,
Keeping life heartbeats last, least, lost a-throbbing…
Home truths are personal,
Signs of shortcomings and signs of reversal.
Love with and without libido;
God with and without a credo.
Home truths are for one with two eyes to surmise,
Spreading worldwide on A4’s paper size.**
*home truth
noun (usually home truths)
an unpleasant fact about oneself, especially as pointed out by another person: what he needed was someone to tell him a few home truths.
Home Truths 6.13.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin
((found, by the way, on a floating scrap)

The Houseguest You Never Want To Leave

I hope you’re not getting tired of my little inspired inserts. I love them all (my small children) each one that shows up one after the other. Sequences that surprise even me, the author, each one a little world, a little microcosmos.

The Houseguest You Never Want To Leave😇🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🙋‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️

You may not be a genius BUT
You may be visited by genius,
He or she who is your muse
Sent by some caring force to use.

It happens every now and then
And when…when it presents itself
You’re honored, for your opuses are marked
By qualities but dreamed of lying in the dark.

Let yourself become a duct.
Let the technique romp through to you,
Finally to reach out to the few
As yet un-met, unseen dear viewer, who
Will benefit from your enchantment.

It’s all a magic, unexplainable, entrancing
Where your duty is a simple one:
Take hold of gifts you have, and dancing,
Work them with a quiet purpose.
Who knows when that genius
Will be the guest that never sticks?**

*genius comes from the mythical genie who, imprisoned in a bottle, when freed grants wishes when summoned.
** stick: (British informal slang) go to live elsewhere.
The Houseguest You Never Want To Leave 6.12.2019 the Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

It’s So Much Easier To Say Yes😀🤸‍♀️

It’s so much easier to say yes than to utter no.
One often doesn’t think so
When one sometimes has to put one’s preferences aside,
Be childlike, give up one’s pride.
And so, depending on the mood
It’s but to choose
Till saying yes becomes be a habit.
Life is so much smoother. Grab it!
When you understand you cannot lose,
The proof immersed within the pudding.
Let yes be the budding test and rest in it.
Yes – acquiescence and compliance;
Pliability, a sweet docility;
Not necessarily passivity
For a yes has sometimes to become a no.
In time you’ll know when it is so.

It’s So Much Easier To Say Yes 6.10.2019 Definitely Didactic; Arlene Nover Corwin

You Can Be Sure

I’ve decided to respond to those who sweetly ask how to write a poem. I’m not the best. There is no best. Arrest your own particular talent and bring it to its crest.✍️🎯

You can be sure
That what you feel we all feel too
And what they’ve felt you have felt also.
We are a hub within diversity
And can identify.
That’s great!
You query what to write about.
I say you all have lots of thoughts,
Hundreds, thousands, endless thoughts.
Your reference and your library,
Future though that be.

So I say emulate, read, be honest!
You have much to say.
Thought-in-word infinity.
Doubts to share. love that’s there nature, air:
Boundless ware.
For nothing’s new beneath our sun.
Write, write, write each, every one.

Repetition is the key.
It’s all rehearsal, change and tinker.
Keep on learning, letting in the tutelage you hanker after.
Carry paper on your person. Write down phrases.
You’ll go through a thousand phases
Till one day you find a style’s come slinking through.
It’s evolution.

All’s gear to set the brain a-working.
All’s a training.
There’s no need for more explaining.
Yes, you can be sure
The poem will be just you and your…
Your poetry.
You Can Be Sure 6.9.2019 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

From Whence The Drive

From Whence The Drive…
From whence the drive for fame?
To get your stuff out into an audiencing witness world,
Out there, somewhere to anywhere.
From whence the drive for name?
Is it the same as fame? No doubt,
For one comes out
Escorted by the other.

More subtle still, from whence the drive for beauty?
A vanity?
To paint one’s face,
Put on a different daily dress?
Or is it in its self the need for love?
All the above?

Seven deadly sins there are.
Sins to dread? Where do they lead?
Nature’s law, inborn borne out by sin?
For Augustine they were a biggie.
Especially this vanity.
A sin into which we all dive into daily.

All these urges surging forth
From which we haven’t got a clue.
We ought to, for it’s me. It’s you.

They may originate
From the desire to create;
From having sex to being celibate.
From getting love and being seen
To giving love imperceptibly and hidden
From a public marketing itself unbidden
And unsparingly.

From whence the drive to anything?
This poet will keep questioning
While most will go through circumstance
With drives which only lead to suffering
And stress’ unhappiness, dense
As to why and where the origins.
From Whence the Drive 6.9.2019 Circling Round Vanities II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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