Injuries & Disappearance 2007

             Injuries & Disappearance
I thought I’d mention one more time –


Injuries and disappearance.

Are we getting weary

Of the facts already?

Tired of the reminder,

Over-information in each pore?

(Is there even such a word,

We, the herd, the creamy curd it aims at?)

Injuries and disappearance –

More ubiquitous than simple death.



And its kin


While the west is living longer,

All the rest no longer safe.

In a stream-of-conscious rancor,

Either wonder theo-logic, cosmologic-

Is made stronger,

Moral humanism broader, or

A cynic disbelief in objects

Looks for comfort side by side with -isms

Of consumption

Leaving fertile ground to sow and grow

More injured disappeared.

Have you heard?

I thought I’d mention it again.

©Injuries & Disappearance 07.8.2
Birth, Death & In Between; Our Times, Our Culture; War Book;

Arlene Corwin





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