Just Peachy

Sitting in the bath eating a peach,

Out of reach shampoo and things.

I use my fingers.

Conditioner smushed * into hair,

I wait for gunk to work.

Head dunked an inch below the water

And still chewing, crunch intensified a thousand fold.

Damp pad and all, I hold the pad in front of me and write.

That’s what I call exciting!


I get dafter by the day –


Hanging-from-the-rafters thing

I fling all trivia aside.

Riding time on high.

I’m ridin’ high** on time;

Strategies unplanned.


*smush; my own word, meaning a mixture of smash/knead/crush/massage/rub/knead

**See Cole Porter


Just Peachy 9.18.2017

A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Circling Round Baths II;

Arlene Corwin



Advice About Sex: Consciousness

       Advice About Sex: Consciousness

It isn’t ‘nice’

To give advice

About the art of copulating.

There are many ways of fornicating,

Very few to carnal urges,

Carnal surges being what they are.

Double myrrh

Is double pleasure;

Philosophic, not erotic.


It is wise to sacrifice,

Pay the price

Of being spat at,

Being got at,

Many living lives in anguish;

The taboo in all – all foolish.


Words of wisdom come to this:

When you touch,

Be cognizant of what you feel

In your person, as your person.

You yourself are sealed onto

All the knowledge in the world.


Always subject/object both,

Know how much

You are the subject though subjecting

Other to a lover’s clutch.

Be betrothed

To him and you, her and you,

Even it, yes, it and you.


One with brain and all the senses,

Make the fences that divide,

Of flexible, transparent goods;

Not barriers but guides

To knowledge, peace and joy –

All upside with no downsides.


Here’s the pool of rule that is the school,

The tool as well as fuel:

Pay attention to sensation in your senses and your limbs.

Do not think too much, evaluating her or him.

Loving is a kind of gym –

A paradigm of health and recreation;

Educational if let:

The entire carnal alphabet.


Advice About Sex: Consciousness 9.16.2017

Circling Round Eros II; Definitely Didactic; Defiant Doggerel;

Arlene Corwin

A Body Winds Down

         A Body Winds Down

A body winding down –

Its signs a preparation:

Loss of appetite, sound sleep at night;

Strength in arm and grip,

Youthful movement in the hip;

Fifty small, small things of note –

To note, denote, remote

As they may be.


Beginning early, barely showing:

Gone or worn, the bite uneven,

Pearly whites no longer pearly;

Vocal cords and tongue or throat

Cracked, coated…

Body borne from infancy,

Winding down.


There it is, the fact of it.

Can you take

The tact of it?

(Or tactlessness –

The zero chance to make

It over?)

Living’s always closing in on kith and kin –

On all and every who can’t win,

The numbers passing by

Each day receding into destiny.

A Body Winds Down 9.14.2017

Circling Round Aging; Birth, Death & In Between II; Circling Round Wrinkles;

Arlene Corwin

It Was A Sunny Day Today




OnceI Write ‘Em


Once I write ‘em,

I don’t read ‘em.

If you’ve had a feast,

You don’t go back to feast again –

At least not feast selfsame.

Eaten’s eaten,

Drunk is drunk.

The yester- feast a kind of bunk

When looked at and reflected.

Looked at un-corrected.


Nothing’s wrong

With bettering that song,

Polishing and honing,

Yes, fine-tuning.


Last night’s feast had too much salt.

You won’t do that again,

Fix the fault

But write some more.

More’s the door

To consummation.

Less salt to improved digestion.


Break the silence, the taboos.

Make the ‘boo boos’.

Keep on going

In the imperceptibility of growing.

Cook the feast.

Release the moment’s best

And once you write ‘em,

Leave ‘em.

Once I Write ‘Em 9.13.2017

A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Vaguely About Music II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin






I woke up thinking about this.

A Thought About Loyalty

I’ve been thinking about loyalty:
A many-sided world of nuances,
The subtle differences.
We all know it means faithfulness,
A sticking-to devotedly.
Unfurled it shows its nasty sides,
The negatives that worry me:
Allegiance and adherence –
-Ism’s steel prepared to go to war
Against all criticizers,
-Isms’ others
Carving up the brotherhood
Of man.
Not for nothing
That a missile system drawn
To sense and intercept an enemy:
Is named the Patriot:
A system to annihilate.

I worry ‘bout obedience,
Compliance and submissiveness.
I like reliability, dependability,
Dedication if it’s not perverted
Duty, if it leads to thought,
A moral sense,
An ethic that agrees with life;
Loyalty without the strife.
Loyalty to think about.

A Thought About Loyalty 9.10.2017
Nature In & Of Reality; Out Times, Out Culture II;
Arlene Corwin


The Simplest Of Poems

Everyone is born

With their own


Don’t mourn,

Forlorn and shorn

Of trust.

Inheritance and circumstance

Does what it must,

There being no coincidence.

Stay on the fence

Of faith;

Youth’s health and breath,

Wealth’s stealth and death

Will have its ways.

There being almost nothing more to say:

Let intuition guide your days –

It is the easiest of ways.

The Simplest Of Poems 9.9.2017

Definitely Didactic; Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin

Irma: You all are becoming familiar with her pattern.


I wish I were a sorceress.

I’m surely not a scientist.

Just a reader

Of the leaders in the news:

North Korea, Harvey, rockets

Boston Red Sox in the dockets

Charged with using Apple watches to steal signs.

Violence, hurricanes,

Cheating: Why?

This is too crazy!

Are these phases

Showing us,

Going towards

A monster breakdown,


To an Irma!

Flesh will go.

Insect, bird, yes, every minnow.

Families child-less, widowed;

Dis-endowed the moneyed crowd,

Castle, mansion, slum will go.

Marshes all will overflow.

(and we thought Bangladesh was low)

The planet’s being bashed,

Yet there are people who cash in on it.

Prayer will never be the answer.

Cancer from our own behavior.

Karma’s germ:

Now Irma.

Irma 9.6.2017

Our Times, Out Culture II; Circling Round Nature II;

Arlene Corwin





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