Paris 1949




Dream of the nights we walked alone;

Dream of the nights we talked alone.

We were there must we two – just me, you.


Our love was made in Paris;

We should have stayed in Paris,

But still we knew right from the start

We’d have to part.

You came, I saw –

I have to see you once more.


We will return to our Shangri-la.

Then we will be in Utopia.

Paris, our paradise.



Paris 1949Lyrics’

Arlene Corwin


Love Can Find You Anywhere 1949


               Love Can Find You Anywhere


You can look for love and never find it.

It’s been done a million times or more.

Looking for it, you many never find it.

Till it comes a-knocking at your door.


Love can find you anywhere;

Beneath a moon-lit sky

Or in the dark of the night.

Love can break your heart to pieces,

Can make tears flow like wine –

Make lips that must be kissed.

Music reminisced.

I know that love can find you anywhere;

When sun comes up at dawn,

And when the clouds are all gone.

When you meet it, you will know it;

You will see right there,

That love can find you any, anywhere.


Love Can Find You Anywhere 1949Lyrics; Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin



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