I Forgot 1955

         I Forgot

“I forgot” you say, when I inquire

As to why your

Pie was left to bake too long.

“I forgot” is your old song.

‘I just forgot’

“And why not?” you say.

“The day was hot, and you know what?

There were a lot of things to do:

Scrub a pot and fix a screw,

You cousin Dot arrived and flew,

So I forgot to watch the pie,

I forgot the reason why,

I forgot the stew,

The mending too.”

You stand still as days fly by,

And “I forgot”

Is all you cry.

“I forgot” you say.

But just let me forget a birthday

Or an anniversary,

Like an elephant I see

Your memory remember me.

It’s too bad that on the day you said “I do”,

“I forgot” did not occur to you.

So I stick it out from day to day,

Although I know that all you’ll say

When I get home is:

“I forgot.”

©I Forgot 55.2.2

A Sense Of The Ridiculous;

Arlene Corwin


Pause To Wonder 1955

            Pause To Wonder

Pause to wonder, and in pausing try

To recollect your past and why

You’ve cause to wonder, not to wander,

Retrospect turned to meander.

Now you see it, now you don’t! If

You don’t search you won’t. Though you sniff

At old aromas, have the past shoved

Right before you by a scent loved

Long ago, cry at wounds

That never heal, at tunes

Sung long gone, at sins forgiven not,

Forgotten not, the blood clot

Never will dissolve, resolve,

Or just plain solve attachment, for

The only time that wondrous pause

Gives tit for tat,

Is if the tat is in the silent unattached. Abstruse?

It’s truth, the stitch in time

Given for tat, for when

You stop to think of then,Rememb’ring what in time saves nine, take

Stitch’, sew ‘then’ to ‘now’, then break

The ‘now’ sewn to forever.

That seed sown adjusts the ‘never’. –

And you have it! Tit for tat. ‘Now’

Is forever torn from ‘then’. How

All and you are one! As you blunder

On through life, thunder struck, under

Strife, momentarily torn asunder,

Take that time and pause to wonder.

© Pause To Wonder 1.1955

Definitely Didactic; Circling Round Reality; To The Child Mystic;

The Processes:Creative,Thinking, Meditative;

Arlene Corwin



Significance 1955


What to say?

Or better still,

How to say it!

Shall I fall into my pit of generality,

Or being gay,

Describe at will

The doleful way it

Rained when Lancelot

Confessed that he was bald to me?

©Significance 9.1955

A Sense Of The Ridiculous;

Arlene Corwin

Without Love 1955



                Without Love



I’ve lost all ambition,

I’ve lost all my drive.

I’ve tossed all ambition out the window

Now I thrive on nothing –

And it will be that way

Until something comes along to inspire me.

I’ve lost all my feeling,

I’ve lost all my want.

I’ve tossed all my feeling out the window,

Now I’ve want for no one –

And it will be that way

Until someone comes along to desire me.


Without love I don’t exist.

My confidence is gone and I enlist

None of my faculties to help me.

Without warmth my blood runs cold.

My ninety-eight point six loses its hold,

And all my faculties don’t help me.

But yet I’m on the run,

I’m one big ball of fun,

So who’s got time for love and all that stuff?

Ah yes, I’m on the run,

But haven’t found the one

Who’d give me time for love –

I’ve had enough!

Without love I won’t subsist.

I’m so sick and I’m so tired,

I haven’t kissed or been desired

These many years.

I don’t want to be alone,

So before I turn to stone,

Someone love me.


Without Love 55.8Love Relationships; Lyrics;

Arlene Corwin

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