No Words 1956

           No Words

No words can describe what I feel for you,

For words are but symbols that say and cannot do.

No sounds can describe what occurs when you are near;

For sound merely draws all attention to the ear.

Just eyes embracing are enough:

We kiss with our minds,

Thought intertwines,

This is the stuff of which dreams are.

No words can re-kindle the light that warms the sum;

For words only stop our souls from becoming one.

And now we’ll say no more, for no more need be said.

The road to love is straight ahead.


No Words 1956

Dusty Shoes 1956

         Dusty Shoes

To some love is pure and sublime,

Unbounded by margins of time.

To others it’s coarse,

And it’s full of remorse;

We’ve seen them all,

Me and my dusty shoes.

At times when it kicks you around

You can’t raise your head above ground.

You’re fighting a battle to win, but you lose.

I’ve gone through it all,

Me and my dusty shoes.

Keep trying to pull yourself up,

Though your bootstraps keep letting you fall.

In a while you’ll be master.

You’ll find out what you’re really after

Isn’t what you wanted at all.

Now that I’ve laid it right on the line,

You can heed this advice or decline.

My battle’s been won

And my life just begun;

Gonna glow till I blow out a fuse;

Gonna go out and sing out the news:

Me, me and my dusty shoes.

©Dusty Shoes 56.11


Arlene Corwin

I Am An Excellent Little Boy 1956

I Am An Excellent Little Boy

I am an excellent little boy.

I always give the people I am with

Extraordinary joy.

I know that I am very sweet.

I’ve got a smile that can’t be beat.

And all my elders claim I knock them off their feet.

I am an excellent little lad.

I never drive the people I am with exceptionally mad.

I know just what to say and when.

Of course I faux pas now and then;

But then I smile and I am excellent again.

To kittens I am very kind,

I don’t have any schisms.

The only thing that’s on my mind

Is polysyllabisms.

I am an excellent little boy.

I’m sure because my mommy always tells me so.

And in consideration of the things I do,

Wouldn’t you say that I was excellent too?

©I Am An Excellent Little Boy 56.12

Lyrics; Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin

Woman 1956


My bloodstained hands and milkful breast

Attest to the enigma that is mine.

Endless children are my crest,

But destiny tests,

And alone I shall pine.

Alone I shall pine.

Alone I shall dine,

Alone I shall whine

Till my guts ache in languor.

©Woman 1956

Birth, Death & In Between; Circling Round Woman; Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin

The Womb 1956

The Womb

The womb is a flower

Whose folded petals hide

The precious pollen

Till morning comes,


©The Womb 56.7.25

Circling Round Nature; Circling Round Woman; Love Relationships; Pure Nakedness; Mother Book;

Arlene Corwin

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