Cause To Wonder 1961

         Cause To Wonder

Suffering, buffering

Four months asylum.

Frightened, tense,

Heightened by

A sense of loss;


September, 1 July.

Ma: “Remember, I just try.”

Dismembered August

Tossed away

To come again

Some other day?

Bosh! A

Washed away

October, and

My god.

One fluid figure

Sent floating in brine,

Stomped out, estranged

From a crudely changed spine

One crushed,




Who sent for that?

And meant for what?

An un-consented absence for

Uncovering unheated love.

For pulling the cord

From the bellyhole socket

Which strengthened my spine

With my newly wound twine;

From smothering motherhood,

-ism and -kind

And bearing myself

From the womb in my mind.

©Cause To Wonder 1961

Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin



Ah, Love 1961

            Ah, Love #5

In thee, I will great fault not find:

I could, but would not still a mind

That is my own

When I must tone

My own brain first.

Perfect sees as perfect is;

And frail sees what too is his.

I will not find great fault in thee;

The time consumed thus doth fast flee.

As fault by fault is gleaned and tried,

Not a strength is classified;

For your disgruntle, my dismay

Such waste of crime does not to pay.

Great fault I will not find in thee

Because I am not blind to me;

And love should choose itself to serve,

Or cut itself off nerve by nerve.

Should I erase

Each grace by grace,

And built a vault

Thick walled with fault,

This heart must brace,

(Steeled walls replace

Each trace of play

With lead) and lead

The dead critique away.

© Ah, Love, #5 1961

Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin

Ah, Love #1 1961

Ah, Love #1Ah, love, how fine you are for me.

Your ways incline a higher me.

Conditioned in a hundred ways,

Before you, uninspired I lay –

Adjusting here, adjusting there,

Each man an orb in passion’s sphere.

If self-control can rule me now

I yet may reap what I would sow:

A union free of ‘you are mine’ –

The earthly view of love divine.

Self-control, I beg you stay.

To live without you day by day

Is suffering mute, a suffering huge –

Not at all what God intended.

Live within till all is mended –

Flood me with your dry deluge!

© Ah Love #1 1961

Love Relationships; To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin

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