But Did She Take Their Souls? 1993 2000

        But Did She Take Their Souls? 

When she divorced she left the money.

Never took a thing each time.

A question nags because a question

Picks away ad nauseum:

Did she take their souls?

There was Bob and Rob and Jim,

Did she have to wed each him?

Eve her friend, who says bright things

Offered this advice on wings:

Never be a bride again!

Though you fall in love with one,

Two, three or ten.

Be a lover, be a pal –

Give up being femme fatale.

It is wear and tear, this path to wisdom –

Full of pain and martyrdom;

One may leave with noble goals

But don’t you always take their souls?




But Did She Take Their Souls? 00.7.2 (93.4.30)

A Phrase & A Cup Of Coffee 2000

      A Phrase & A Cup Of Coffee

 A phrase and a cup of coffee

Or a cuppa then a phrase.

It’s a diction to addiction,

One the motor in the other.

So in praise

Of altered states,

Altered heart rates,

Alternate perceptions

One bequeathing t’other,

I would rather give up comforts

Than the wellspring-of-a-brother

To an ode.

©A Phrase & A Cup Of Coffee 00.10.13

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Coffee Book;

Arlene Corwin


Wrinkles Round The Mouth 2000

     Wrinkles Round The Mouth

It’s the wrinkles round the mouth,

Going north and going south

That I don’t like.

It’s the horizontal line

‘Cross a bellybutton fine

That I don’t like.

West to east or up and down,

Where a crease becomes a frown,

Lip-line tattooed,

Shine that’s glued

If it’s to stay the day –

I do not like it!

If I possessed the wealth of Krueger,

Stopped the coffee and the sugar,

Had the rigor and the vigor

To work hard on mind and figure,

Would the lines of age fill up and go?

I don’t think so.

Every summer brings a change.

It’s a bummer when the range

Of change increases with the years,

Mirror leers, the wrinkle jeers,

And I’m in tears at beauty gone.

I partially accept the fact

That youth is done

And beauty’s gone inside:

They call it character.

I’m off to bed.

There is a day tomorrow.


Wrinkles Round The Mouth 00.3.27

Show Business 2000

Show Business

Throughout the ages,

Held to be below the ‘finer’ arts:

This show of gifts-for-pay:

To what can it aspire, and

The ones who place their song on hire?

Putting out, (now there’s a phrase) a sign

That what is mine –

The years of days and pain

It took to flower –

There to sing and entertain

Paid by the hour:

Any scale you choose to choose –

It’s a talent to amuse.

The lowest paid, the highest paid

Are forced to migrate

Back and forth a paying nation,

In a business in which name and fame

Endure a scant one-generation

In a game you’re doomed to lose.

Twenty hundred ninety two

They’ll still be playing Bach – and you,

Who sang and played your heart out,

Will not have one note of art out

In the world. That’s show


©Show Business 00. 4.8

Vaguely About Music; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Our Times, Our Culture; Birth, Death & In Between;

Arlene Corwin




Little Textbook About Life 2000

    Little Textbook About Life

Chopin: waltzes, nocturnes, etudes;

Bach: the fugues, the lead-in preludes;

All the little works to help

Make clear; sweetening the pulp.

History: a rise and fall,

Patterns: repetitions all.

Moves to teach,

To reach us all –

That is the stuff,

The staff

Of everyday existence –

Universe’s too.

Object aimed at, means to do it,

Ways to see it. Just for you.


ittle Textbook About Life 00.1.19

Cantata for Solo Violin 2007

Cantata For Solo Violin By Bach

Cantata for solo violin
Stands on its own.
No orchestra, it’s brilliant.
Comes a bigger group:
Brass band or chamber
Making what?
More of cantat’?
Grab confidence, (latent or not)
Conquistador of yours.
The minimum can stand-alone.

©Cantata For Solo Violin By Bach 07.5.1
The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Vaguely About Music; Definitely Didactic;
Arlene Corwin

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