On Meditation


A gateway to the brain,

Doorway to You,

You and your brain in essence one:

Encephalon: a part to focus on

And concentrate.

This only a suggestee-on,

You and your brain halves one.


He said, “Me and [my] God are one”

(a paraphrase, a rendering)

What did he mean?

What could he mean?


The only you is body/brain.

Ergo, a god in origin.

Not easy to experience when

You’re the type

Who needs the hype of separation. Then

It’s near impossible, and certainly hard work to think on

You and God as being one.


That said, it’s worthwhile and rewarding

To initiate, train, and pursue

A life of meditation

For its sake alone.


On Meditation 9.1.2016

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin



Dying Vanity 2014

Dying Vanity


You watch

With no opinion anymore.

Phenomenon phenomenal,

No point of view; just observation.

It is nature’s secret still.

Though even watching can be vanity

(why eye subjectifed at all?)

By this time, you know

Synonyms , their nuances;

Change at work, without a stop,

Processing a skin, the nameless stuff within;

Growing, rotting, multiplying, disappearing:


Mental muttering diminishing

One is reduced to watching

Like the helpless scientist one is.


Dying Vanity 3.15.2014

Circling Round Vanities II; Nature Of & In Reality; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin




Praying For The Dead 2009

           Praying For The Dead

Praying for the dead is good.

A good projection;

Letting go of speculation, wondering;

Faith in the unseen/unseeable.

A faith that nothing is a something

In a somewhere.

A good thing for whomsoever.

© Praying for The Dead 9.16.2009

Birth, Death & In Between; To The Child Mystic; Arlene Corwin






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