Every Six Years 1997

     Every Six Years

Every six years I go back to New York;

To names I know, each trendy show;

Yet little has changed because progress is slow –

So, nothing has changed

And I don’t feel estranged in the least.

I feast on hot bagels and New York Chinese,

Talk to the family in Los Angeles,

Read all the ads and compare all the prices;

I’m much more a woman with woman’s devices.

People talk tougher, are love-starved and scared;

While I take the dare to be flirted with, stared at,

Which nowadays, seems to be labeled ‘harassment’

And I, old New Yorker, feel no such embarrassment.

I am aware of the ‘state of the nation’:

All of the –udes,-ewds-oods giving it station:

Nudity, crudity, prudery, lewdness,

Rudeness, American shrewdness,

The foreign food all yummy good;

Every institution sued –

Few doing as they ought or should.

Tempting, lulling,

Pushing, pulling,

Bringing out my greedy streak,

Ambition-seeking –

Goods, pelf;

Yearning for elusive self.

Dear old New York, spacious U.S.,

I’m crushed by your press –

So subtly woven that no one would guess

It exists, except for the few

Who go back every half-dozen years for a view.

©Every Six Years 97.12.21

Our Times, Our Culture; A Mystic Visits Thousand Oaks;

Arlene Corwin





525,600 Minutes 1997


     525,600 Minutes

To get it down the first day

Feels important – no, essential.

That gives five hundred and twenty-five

Thousand, six hundred minutes

To attend to the tangential,

Dedicating actions:

I dedicate the morning walk

To you; my makeup and my love

Of face; commit the TV talk,

The foods I’ll eat,

Both veg and meat;

Give up to you the grabbing sin,

The appetites, my place within

The universe.

Now that was terse.

Terse and pointed as a pin;

Terse enough to set the spin

On five two five six naught naught minutes:

Time to get the tasks I set within them


And win.



525,600 Minutes 97.1.8To The Child Mystic; A Mystic Visits Thousand Oaks;

Arlene Corwin

You Have To Be Focussed To Live In America 1996

      You Have To Be Focused To Live In America

You have to be focused to live in America –

Things with a capital T so enticing;

Things a delectable, mouth-melting icing.

Energies gone into thing-ing:

Designing and buying, promoting and bingeing –

If they went to non-acquisitional stuff

Instead of this fluff,

The US could work for celestial good;

Accelerate forces of heavenly light.

But thing-ing erosion will bring back the flood;

You have to be focused to live – get it right.

While everyone’s sight is bombarded with thingies

So varied, so many, so darned time consuming!

It’s not that I’m fuming; it’s just that I’m sad.

Such beauty, such bounty – and yet it’s all mad;

I feel such a cad for slinging this dye –

A people so lovely who crave a drug-high.

Oh yes, it is focus you need to live here

In this product-filled country now building its bier.

©You Have To Be Focused To Live In America 96.11.16

Definitely Didactic; Our Times, Our Culture; A Mystic Visits ThousandOaks;

Arlene Corwin

The Miracle of Turning Fifty 1996 2007

     The Miracle Of Turning Fifty

There’s a miracle in turning fifty –

Something psychological. Half your life is over,

You’ve got fifty years to go.

Maybe forty, maybe thirty;

Wisdom’s exponential.

And while youth goes backwards into time,

You’re reaching your potential.

It’s a fair exchange – no, more than fair.

Fifty’s on the way to There.

No more periods that bother,

No more load on you as mother,

When you had to drive the kids to school.

There are lighter loads, which you can handle

With more ease.

With not so many folk to please

You’ve more capacity,

And all the things that stamp us old

Turn into gold:

Days when life begins to hum –

The days to come!

Not right this minute or this hour;

Bit by bit the power waxes.

Isn’t that the large life-goal ?

Fifty starts it all.

It must be said:

You’re the one who makes this bed,

Gardens gladness,

Fences sadness out or in,

Keeps on looking

So that mind and intellect keep cooking.

You’re the one to feed these drives.

Then the life can turn on fives.

©The Miracle Of Turning Fifty 96.12.4 revised 07.3.15

A Mystic Visits Thousand Oaks; I Is Always You Is We; Special People Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin



That Art Of Staying Alone 1996 2005

     The Art Of Staying Alone

I’m coming to think

That if one is alone,

It’s easy to stay alone,

Whereas living the market place,

Harder to yoke Self to self,

Be a stone, find a koan

For the pain-peopled world

Which says no to alone,

Owns a phone,

Is a drone around queens

That have nothing to do –

I’m starting to learn

That if one is alone,

It’s easy to stay by yourself.


The Art Of Staying Alone 96.12.29/05.7.5

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