Circling Round Everything #2 2018

Circling Round Everything #2

What a charming happenstance!
Happy chance!
Twenty eighteen, book eighteen.
To get this out,
What will it be about?
Don’t know,
But I’ve been crowing
Like a maniac, a lunatic;
Known in better circles as enthusiastic,
Crazy about poetry –
Let us say, creating it.

The whole year long, as good as daily:
Unpretentious, chatty, gayly,
Full of idiom and slang,
Language common, language spoken,
Token jargon,
Arlene Corwin’s origin.

Yet like Dante Alighieri,
Layered: yin and yang,
Intense and prescient
Yet detached. Discerning,
Simple, perspicacious, riotous
Funny and absurd;
At times, confessionally worried.

All year long, I’ve pierced balloons
In order to expel delusions,
The illusions duping us.
Book eighteen
Circles around everything
That’s One at bottom.

Circling Round Everything #2 12.7, 2018 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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