Birthdays 2009



One more time –

A day.



Anyhow a day.

Ego longing

To survive, deny

That second’s birth

Which, in a day,

Meant minus –

One day less

The moment

You left mommy’s

Bathtub-in- the-womb.

That’s a birthday.


© Birthdays 2.9.2009

Birth, Death & In Between; Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin

We Buy To Give Away 1997


       We Buy To Give Away

We buy to give away –

To use awhile and give away.

It has to be so, since we die.


where go all the things we buy?Someone

gets. We’re forced to share.What we buy cannot come to where

We’re going. Why not jump the gun,

Be seen as Mister Niceguy? –

Really be one?

Who knows if the gived –

Hereafter spoken of as gift –

Affects the state of death;

Conditions after the last breath?

In any case, it’s practical to simplify,

Dispersing goods before you die.

Remember what it is I’ve said:

Before – not after – you are dead.



We Buy To Give Away 97.10.21Defiant Doggerel; Birth, Death & In Between; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin





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