Birthdays 2009



One more time –

A day.



Anyhow a day.

Ego longing

To survive, deny

That second’s birth

Which, in a day,

Meant minus –

One day less

The moment

You left mommy’s

Bathtub-in- the-womb.

That’s a birthday.


© Birthdays 2.9.2009

Birth, Death & In Between; Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin

Day Of The Party 2008


      Day Of The Party

It’s over

You’re tired.

You’ve been fired up all day.

Oh, oh, Barbro,

This verse

Is getting worse each passing day;

I’ve bitten off more than is chewable,

Because though birthdays are renewable,

Seventy may

Never come again

Unless reincarnation

Is a fact, when

You will have to go through seventy,

The party, preparation,

Wine, food, friends

In worlds that have no ends.

Is that not something to look forward to?

This is your week.


© Day Of The Party 6.28.2008Birthday Book; Special People, Special Occasions; (barbro1 of 3)

Arlene Corwin













Continuing The Birthday Dance 2008

      Continuing The Birthday Dance

The one and only June

When you were seven-



Celebrated for a week,

Not only duty bound

But more because you are our friend,

And we have found

That seventy is special.

Flying on your birthday wings

The real deal

Lies somewhere where the music swings,

The wine is perfect,

And the things

That stamp us old

Turn into gold,

Continuing the birthday dance.

© Continuing The Birthday Dance 6.27.2008

Birthday Book; Special People, Special Occasions; (Barbro)

Arlene Corwin




Birthday Resolution 2008

       Birthday Resolution

It’s time:

To take to,

Waken to

The Serious –

To put a stop

To vanity,

The unacceptability

Of superficiality

And bye-bye


To vanity

(with big, Big V)

Taking myself


(big S big LY).

© Birthday Resolution 10.29.2008

Birthday Book; A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Defiant Doggerel;

Circling Round Vanities;

Arlene Corwin

Jennifer February ’94 1994

     Jennifer February ‘94

Just think,

You’ve been around now

Thirty years

‘Sixty-four to ‘ninety-four.

Nice to think that Jennifer,

The girl I bore is class A stock:

Those blue, blue eyes, that curl- brown hair!

Every Jewish mother’s dream,

Regarding tops, you are the cream.

Happy birthday, nice, nice girl.

May you have all that you wish:

Motives pure, peaceful mind,

Friends to love who love you back,

Instant money when you need it,

Grateful job that waits for you.

Time, lots of it:

Happy things,

Depressions never,

Concentration and appreciation’s gift.

And why?

Because you’re such a nice, nice girl.

© Jennifer February ‘ 94 2.2.1994

Birthday Book; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin



Birthday Kent 1993

          Birthday Kent
A corny line – but if you knew

How it has been to live with you

You’d know I celebrate

This February date with joy,

The day Linnea had a boy.

Full of life and drive,

Who’s reached the figures five five,

Calm, dear Kent,

Dear heart so true,

Just think, you play piano too!



Birthday Kent 93.2.8Love Relationships; Special People Special Occasions;(K) Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin


Another Birthday Poem To Anna 1993

           Another Birthday Poem To Anna 1993
We started out to send you pounds

But we were hounded by the market.

Five hundred equaled fifty –

Now it’s costing seven hundred..

Spark the market!

Stuff it, all you greedy banks.

We would rather give the extra thank

To Anna when she knock.

Stick those kronor in you socks

And spend them here, Queen Anna dear,

Or wait until the English gelt’s less splendid

And you’re fifty – as intended.

If and when your coin goes down,

Go out and spend that fifty poun’.

We hope you’re not too disappointed.

On the day that you’re anointed

Fifty year old Ann-the-Most,

We will boast about, and toast

The nicest ever been:

Anna Sandham, friend and queen!






Anna Poem 1991

        Anna Poem


Anna Sandham

Rhymes with grand dame,

Where the noble lady

Has within humility.

More the wonder, I can claim

That Anna is my middle name.

Add an H and Anna’s Hannah.

I was first in Anna’s clan-a..

Welcome to the Anna Club,

H not the better

Just because

It’s one more letter.

You and I are sisters,

With, without birthday tongue twisters.

We’ve a name that links us both –

Out-of-time’s unwoven cloth.

Happy Birthday.

Anna Poem 91.9.6

Special People Special Occasions; Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin




What You Were Born To Do 2007

               What You Were You Born To Do

What were you born to do?

Play like Art Tatum?

Paint like Rothke?

Carpent? Garden?

Be a twin to God-in-you?

Sixty-nine; these are the questions of the year.

Birthday once or everyday;

The days sincere, a birth to cheer.

You sense the thing that’s left to do.

You know the answers

Inside you.

One formal day to celebrate;

Day for everyone around to thank you –

Thank you for existing. But the rest –

Three hundred sixty-four –

Are days you do not calibrate.

This last year of a decade, leaving six behind:

Have you got the things you prayed for?

Have the sixty’s helped you find

The life you’re made for?

Sixty-nine: a leaving and a looking forward.

One more chance to start the new –

Do things you’re born to do.

Stay strong, and

Happy birthday all year long!

©What You Were Born To Do7.2.5

Birth, Death & In Between; Special People Special Occasions; Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin

Three Years, Three Months 2005

              Three Years, Three Months

Three years, three months.

There is some magic in our dates:

Magic in the ages reached;

Magic in the distance between you and me:

Sixty -seven. Seventy.

You’re catching up. (I’m being silly)

There will always be three years, three months

Between us.

Once a year you have a claim

To birthday fame

You say means nothing.

I think it’s a magic ring –

Three years, three months

That binds us.

Let’s go out for lunch.

©Three Years, Three Months 05.2.6

Love Relationships; Special People Special Occasions; (K) Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin




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