Sitting Up In Bed Building A Career

Sitting Up In Bed Building A Career


A million do it everyday:

In every posture and position,

Hour of day or night,

Town, city, country, state;

Of any age or mental stage,

Staring at a screen –

A mini- seven inch

Or fifty-seven inch,

Tapping with the fingers of a four year old,

Or ten, or thirty, even eighty five and cold –

Lives learning, lives for earning, and for

Building a career – folk world around

Looking for their dharma

As the proper way to use their karma,

Finding out just who they are

And what will make them gratified,

Glad, and at ease and peace.


Right now, I’m sitting up in bed

Enjoying writing like a cow chewing the cud,

As well one does

When taking pleasure in the word.


Sitting Up In Bed Building A Career 9.12.2016

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin






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