Bath Talk 2005

     Bath Talk

Supposing life

Depended on

Cold baths,

A morning without coffee,

Would you start that day with glee?

If you answered yes,

You’re free.

If you answered no

You’re me.

©Bath Talk 05.2.25

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Coffee Book; Circling Round Baths;

Arlene Corwin

I Want My Space

I Want My Space

My husband says,
“Throw out the tub –
Take a shower for,
You never know when you might fall.
You’re getting older.”
He’s been saying that since I was fifty.
When I think about the luxury
Of lying in a bathtub,
(As I’m doing now)
Water very, very warm,
Only bellybutton upwards showing,
He’s no way of knowing
How luxurious it feels.
Silly man!
He would replace my space,
My trace of treasure
With a shower where
You stand, save water,
Get your body cleaned and scoot,
You’re out.
I want my space.
Soakings, softenings, examinings;
You well know what I mean.
I’m worth it!

© I Want My Space 4.18.2008
Pure Nakedness; Circling Round Baths;
Arlene Corwin

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