Practice For The Real Thing 2009

           Practice For The Real Thing

It’s practice:

Makeup on each day.

I’ll probably see no one –

No one’s here but me.

I could say that it’s harmony – or vanity,

That I’m dissatisfied au naturelle,

Practice for events to be –

Eventualities I’ve learned

Through observation and experience,

Are meaningless. Nobody cares.

We know Narcissus lives,



am I impressing for a what that waits?I do the thing –

The writing thing, the dressing thing,

The thinking, contemplating thing

In preparation for

The real thing

Which always has turned out to be


© Practice For The Real Thing 1.31.2009

Circling Round Vanities; Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin

It’s Always Readiness 2009

            It’s Always Readiness

You can tell who’s ready

(For a truth), who’s not.

You never push.

It [readiness] demands its rights –

however subtly.

Doors that open suddenly,

Pages read –

Our children targeted:

They are our goals,

Perhaps our mission.

Waiting for them,

You can tell who’s ready and who’s not.

Not pushing,

If you look you know.

© It’s Always Readiness 2.9.2009

Circling Round Reality; I Is Always You Is We; Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin

If A Bad Man Believes 2009

       If A Bad Man Believes

If a bad man believes in God

He has the peace

That every good man has.

God doesn’t care – good/bad, bad/good


Just rewards –

Desserts that have their ground in faith.

It’s faith that counts.


What happens after,

I have no idea – but have


No clue,

But there are clues

To chains

That point to balance;

Clues to chains

That point

To resolution,

Clues that point to fixed results –


That do not end with death

But point to immortality,


For choices made

Not dying death.


Birth, death and an in between,

The constant chain.

© If A Bad man Believes 1.17.2009

Birth, Death & In Between; Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

I Is Always You Is We; Revelations Big & Small; To The Child Mystic;



Day After #2

                 Day After #2

One day

After New Year’s Eve;

Nine years

Post millennium:

Continuation ordinaire,

Nothing changed but numbers.

What makes dates so great?

Why the fireworks

To signalize

A time that’s anyway here/gone?

I am a yin/yang person

Thinking all the time –

What’s there to celebrate

When it’s a fiction?

© Day After 1.2.2009

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Circling Round Reality;

Circling Round Vanities; Birth, Death & In Between; Time;

Arlene Corwin


Comfort In Moments Of Meaninglessness 2009

       Comfort In Moments Of Meaninglessness

Woke without an aim,

Pushed down, depressed.



My projected


And asked about life’s meaning. Got:

“The fire of opposites together

Get to be life’s rhythm.”


“The ordering of things so each thing

Plays its part,

Establishes an order

In the whole, the heart.”


“Opposites that alternate in harmony,

Maturing gently.”


“Interweaving all his feelings

He does not choose favorites”.


No cause for insecurity.

I started the day.


*I Ching where I’ve altered the sentences (but kept the meaning) to get rhyme and rhythm.© Comfort In Moments Of Meaninglessness 2.11.2009

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin





Coming Out 2008

      Coming Out

I’m coming out!

Into new forms

Which are

Realities to me.

I’m coming out!

To forms

In service of my life –

To life in general.

Coming out!

My energies

From inner places

(Call them depths)

to serve the highest

and the widest.

Coming out

To move

and serve,

and prove the forms

that form my day.

© Coming Into The Day 9.10.2008

Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin


Clear As The Nose On Your Face 2008

      Clear As The Nose On Your Face

Things don’t just start,

They just don’t start from out of nowhere.

Somewhere, some place, somehow

Are beginnings.




Has an Absolute

Clear as the roses in their vase,

Or as the nose upon your face.


© Clear As The Nose On Your Face 7.3.2008

Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin




Circling Round Reality 2008

       Circling Round Reality

The most important principles

I’ve learned and learn

By watching everyday are:

Everything expands

And then contracts –

Expansion and contraction.

Each coin has two sides –

Two sides the coin.

Moon, sun and eon

Live out lives in


Not exclusive, mutually

Braiding ,

Trimmed with energy,

They live chained formed

As cause/effect

With all its rules –

Each cause producing

Its effect,

Which in itself becomes a cause:

A good cause, good effect;

Bad cause, a bad effect;

Mix of the bad and good

Mixed, fixed effect bad/good.

These are the essences,

The most important principles

I’ve learned to put to uses


©Circling Round Reality 3.26.2008

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin







The Truth Is All Around 1994

     The Truth Is All Around

The truth is all around, I swear.

By the I mean the absolute.

Not to be cute,

But accurate and fair.

There is every form:

Noble winner, noble worm;

Every cell, its parts, its all,

Center, space, contiguous cell wall.

Each with absolute.

I don’t say “each” to just be cute.

On the many-layered plane,

Each situation: sane, insane;

Each book: the sacred, light or trite

Contains a truth exact and right

For whom?

The answer lies in mother’s womb,

In nature’s possibilities affixing receptivities.

Each thing that’s taken in through sense

Containing cause and consequence,

Method, set of values, trick,

Shortcut, message and technique:

Truth and there for one to seize

On levels simple but not easy:

Live and act with mind and heart,

Sincere, intense and taking part

In every meeting. How I feel

A fool whose zeal

For rules can sound like prattle:

Pompous, ponderous, maybe gall.

Lest this sound a wee bit pap- py

T-R-U+T+H means happy,

And it’s all around.

© The Truth Is All Around 5.3.1994

Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin






Connected And Interrelated 1994 2008

            Connected and Interrelated

Connected and interrelated:

Never re-stated too often, too much.

No crutch and no gene bank can keep us in touch

With the past of the past of the past,

Cause and effect with the last

Laugh of all. I read that where coral grows,

One single pee in a coral rich sea

Can initiate grief, crumbling reef,

Change the balance of lichen and snail.

Coral (which grows at the rate of your nail)

Becomes pale, then sand –

From the pee of a swimmer too lazy to land.

I read that a flock coming north in the spring

-By the flap of a wing – can initiate hale,

The swing of a feather, the sting of the weather

Distorting by changing some groove.

What then astrology (so hard to prove)

Whose movement of planets is said to steer fate,

Temper, temperament, sending your mate?

Breath, decision; they interrelate

With the movements of atoms and rays-hard-to-measure,

Affecting the work of the whole in their leisure,

Floating, colliding and God-alone-knows…

The trick is to come out of this thing like a rose.

What if my doing and thinking has ways

Which touch all of the planet, all hours, all days:

The game is so layered.

Everything mine, yours, its, theirs, hers and his

Affected by history, wizardry,

Fate –

One must accept, and keep acting and wait.

(here’s the chain – grammar free):If I hit my kids kick the cat

Eats the mouse starts the fire in the house

Where the fireworks are stored

Blows my neighbor toward

Heaven the street’s set aflame I’m to blame

Go to jail get no mail

Lose all hope ‘cause the kids now take dope

‘Cause corruption is rife so my son takes the life

Of the one who blamed me leaves a family

Teenagers, wife, baby: Globally augmented,


Connected and interrelated.

You never can say it too often, too much.

©Connected and Interrelated 7.25.1994/tinkered with 5.23.2008

Definitely Didactic; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





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