A Metaphysic Of Coffee 2006

A Metaphysic Of Coffee

Real energy or false:
Does the spirit know the difference
When you drink a cup of coffee
Or you eat a wholesome meal?
Does the body know the difference?
Feel adrenal motivation
As a yin thing or a yang?
Does it thank you
Cause you think clear thoughts,
Mop up a room that’s stood for months,
The moths collecting, so to speak?
Or, if body/spirit work together –
Or if all’s been pre-determined,
Does it matter if you peak, flame high,
And die
A little sooner, caffeine’s energy
The source of wonderwork
Little you
Could never do?

©The Metaphysics of Coffee 06.3.15
Nature In & Of Reality; Coffee Book;
Arlene Corwin

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