Copycats (revised version)

COPYCATS ALL: AN ODE TO PEP YOU ✍️ revised version

We’re copycats all – and it’s healthy.

Coins have double sides, so naturally, 

One can spend months, years, just days
Courting the wrong face of pennies.
It can’t matter.

Everything we do is cluttered;

(slightly, very, copiously, lots)
The moment’s mind-state fixing choice.
So give your voice to instinct’s sense
That does so matter
As you climb the human ladder,
Mindful of each phase’s border;
Copying what touches, reaches,
Even from the cheapest bleachers.
As you climb the steps.
This tiny ode is here to pep you.

Copycats All: An Ode To Pep You 1.24.2019 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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