The Courage To Say This Is The Way My Soul Sounds 2006

The Courage To Say This Is The Way My Soul Sounds

Now you start,

Discarding all neurosis

Grounded in the fears of failure,

Certain in your heart

“I am creating as I speak”

Avrah kedabra!” – Aramaic.

I will lose the seven deadly sins

Or use the seven deadly sins,

Converting them to sharp discernment,

Wit and wisdom, common sense,

Clear thinking and refinement.

And singing out, and when you pen,

And when the music of your days marooned

Is opened,

These will spring from courage that says

This, my prize, my non-disguise,

My jazz, my phrase – these are the ways

In which my soul sounds

And has sounded in its silence

Since its cause.

©The Courage To Say This Is The Way My Soul Sounds 06.7.28

I Is Always You Is We; Vaguely About Music; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin



Filling The Hole 2 2003

Filling The Hole

Your undertaking esoteric,

Father says, “Not economic!

You can’t make a living at it!”

You know in your heart empiric

Someone does. You’re categoric;

Facts historic. Rise may not be meteoric,

But there’s someone there who needs it!

Somewhere out there someone wants it!

Someone’s willing to support you,

Keep a roof over your head,

Pay for food and baby’s bed.

If you keep on doing what you’re doing,

Leaning toward and on your gifts, eschewing

This and that that earns more money,

Go for it! As loony as it seems


Filling The Hole 03.2.25                                                                                             Definitely Didactic;Vaguely About Music;Special People Special Occasions;Defiant Doggerel

Arlene Corwin






Excuse Me, I’m A So-Called Jazz Pianist



Excuse Me, I’m A So-Called Jazz Pianist



Backstage at a Lerum concert.

Queue is long –

Ten, twenty strong;

All longing for a word,

A signed record;

This little man

With hands of gold –

Maybe thirty-one years old

Sits smoking,

Chatting, greeting, joking:

Just plain nice.

The press is there; the fans are there;

Musicians to a man are there

Craning necks,

Straining to see

This king of musicality,

Like idolizing suitors.

By the time he heads the queue

He’s shy –

But not a tick goes by

When he croaks “Thank you,”

Though a hollow,

Shallow, marshey-mallow

Phrase comes out.

This clever, skillful, practiced player –

Sharp, fine-fingered Tatum sayer

Stammers as he almost bows

(One could say cows)

-Excuse me, I’m a so-called jazz pianist.”

As if living was his lie.

©Excuse me, I’m A So-Called Jazz Pianist 01.10.18

Vaguely About Music; Special People Special Occasions;(Michel Petrucciani concert)

Arlene Corwin

*pronounced kvell: it means evening in Swedish. 





Cantata for Solo Violin 2007

Cantata For Solo Violin By Bach

Cantata for solo violin
Stands on its own.
No orchestra, it’s brilliant.
Comes a bigger group:
Brass band or chamber
Making what?
More of cantat’?
Grab confidence, (latent or not)
Conquistador of yours.
The minimum can stand-alone.

©Cantata For Solo Violin By Bach 07.5.1
The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Vaguely About Music; Definitely Didactic;
Arlene Corwin

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