As Of This Morning 2014

As Of This Morning


It starts with sadness, disappointment then…


As long as there is anger

There’ll be wars


An angry man begets revenge,


Until the sounds of canon*

Can be heard

*an almost-kind old-fashioned word.

Oh yes, and now, the now-times silent tone

Of sky high drone,

Like Hitler’s V8’s over London

Hitting suddenly – the innocent, the guilty;



Just today, in EU’s Europe

Where the left-out, not-yet ones are yearning

(the Ukraine, this morning)

Come to protest.

Then they come: police

With dummy bullets,

Which they turn into the real ones

Killing two, a few unlucky men…


When it’s through, it’s started!

Racking up: Iraq

Then Egypt, Lebanon,

Now Syria and the Ukraine –

The start of mourning

Just this morning.


As Of This Morning 1.22.2014

War Book II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin



Thank You But…1998

    Thank You, But…

I write this for a friend.

In fact, I’m not that cynical.

He says, “They say they like you, but…

They don’t!

Cause what you’ve got to sell,

If truth could tell,

Is not their cup of tea.

There is no pact,

No contract,

Nothing offered, only pleasantry:

A drink, a wink

And “Thank you, but…

We’re booked until the year two million.”

How he’d like to kill the one

Who lacks the candor to be frank. You

You have no chance – You feel a fool,

A tool of management

And all those men

Who rule the jobs:

The bosses, nobs.

He vows, if he were ever one of them

To never play with words. He’d say,

“You’re just not good enough today,

But practice leads to readiness.

Go home and practice.” It’s less

Cruel than the uncaring, unresponsive, all-unfair

“We thank you, but…”

You never find out why.

©Thank You, But… 98.9.13

Our Times, Our Culture; Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin




On Looking For A Gig 1994

        On Looking For A Gig

I discovered it today: vanity and expectations.

Disappointment when they don’t

(The expectations) come or go

My way. I suddenly came to a truth

That I can only call, “Why not?”

Why not walk in and say to all:

The bosses, folk – “Well, here I am, so take my gift!

I give a lift and here’s my name!”

If no one cares, no one’s to blame.

I ought to say “it’s all the same”.

I don’t.

I fuss. Today I cussed.I don’t know why I thought they’d say

“Of course you get the job. Come by

Tomorrow. Start at once.”

I didn’t get to see the man, the guy, the  chief

And forced away without a fief,

I stalked way like some old thief.

They say they’ll call. They seldom do.

That slap says, “Who the hell are you?”

And here I’m always thinking that my presence is enhancing.

Jobs are few, the money low.

I’m either doing something wrong

Or God is stopping this whole show for my protection.

“Screw the song”, He’s saying.

There are hundreds, thousands more equipped,

More talented, more single-minded. Shut your lip!

You’re ordinary. That’s your fate!

Stay at home! Develop! Wait!

Don’t overestimate position, -something’s phony ‘bout position –

It is not a fixed condition; no condition ever is.

Throw away the sword, its thrust for world reward.

Never fixed, things swing twixt and between

The past and now. You ordinary silly cow,

Cook your meals! Stay at home!

Write your ordinary poem.

Be happy ‘cause it feels nice

Just sitting at your beans and rice,

Not judging, striving, in the race,

Thanking God that you survive

This summer day. You saw a hare,

A baby – eating on the lawn.

You saw a mist-fair dawn

Descending on the lake outside.

Stay home, and hide!

Create and take the ordin- as a lotion

On your skin.

You’re not a star,

You’re just the creature that you are

Amid the circumstances ’round you,

Go to ground, eat up, get fat!

Go and buy a summer hat!

My final counsel.”

©On Looking For A Gig 94.6.8

Vaguely About Music; Circling Round Vanities;

Arlene Corwin



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