Day Of The Party 2008


Day Of The Party

It’s over

You’re tired.

You’ve been fired up all day.

Oh, oh, Barbro,

This verse

Is getting worse each passing day;

I’ve bitten off more than is chewable,

Because though birthdays are renewable,

Seventy may

Never come again

Unless reincarnation

Is a fact, when

You will have to go through seventy,

The party, preparation,

Wine, food, friends

In worlds that have no ends.

Is that not something to look forward to?

This is your week.


© Day Of The Party 6.28.2008Birthday Book; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin













Continuing The Birthday Dance 2008

    Continuing The Birthday Dance

The one and only June

When you were seven-



Celebrated for a week,

Not only duty bound

But more because you are our friend,

And we have found

That seventy is special.

Flying on your birthday wings

The real deal

Lies somewhere where the music swings,

The wine is perfect,

And the things

That stamp us old

Turn into gold,

Continuing the birthday dance.

© Continuing The Birthday Dance 6.27.2008

Birthday Book; Special People, Special Occasions; (Barbro)

Arlene Corwin




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