It All Depends On The Night 11.18.2014

It All Depends On The Night



Fix a likely program.

Practice it on Tuesday.

Time it.

What is it I’m aiming for?

Sounds right. Love it.

I’m an artist.


Play the same twelve tunes.


What is it I’m aiming for?

Too long or short, too fast, too slow

Concept gone, timing off,

The program will be chaos,

Dithering, unsure.   Poor me.

Poor crowd.


Cannot capture feeling.

Will I need some caffeinated push

To give me nerve and verve,

Serve music right? Make me a thrush?


Dearie me.

We’ll see



It All Depends On The Night 11.18.2014

Vaguely About Music II;

Arlene Corwin


The Trick Is To Stay Fresh 1994

           The Trick Is To Stay Fresh

I heard a band four decades old.

“Good God, I thought, what a good band!”

How do they do it? Forty years?

What do they think night after night

When each man steps up to the stand –

Night after night his horn in hand,

Old licks, clichés

Takes his solos even on the days

His wife is sick?

And still they’re slick and stick it out

Night after night, year after year,

Internal tensions always there.

It must be like a factory job,

To entertain the drinking mob.

Or maybe not.

Maybe jobs have been a ball,

A chance to leave four walls,

Create, maintain a freshness,

Make some music on the spot,

Feelings tapped, without pretence;

Spontaneous, and proud of what

The dents he’s chalked up on his horn

All signify.

Perhaps, instead of blasé scorn

He manages to like the crowd –

The drunks, the dancers raw and loud.

Maybe the leader has charisma –

Makes each guy feel that he’s good;

Shows respect for solos

Drummer, sax or trumpet blows;

Drumming, blasting, bellowing.

By hook or crook, the trick’s eternal:

Keep the kernel of renewal growing,

Tapped and showing;

Ever crowing.

The trick is to stay fresh.

©The Trick Is To Stay Fresh 94.11.30

Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin



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