I Love Talent 2001

I Love Talent


I love talent!

I just love talent!

Talent is a grace, an ace –

A freebee: blessing,

Something that you get for nothing;

Something that’s a bank, a chest,

A toolbox/treasure all-in-one.

How to leach it, turn it

From a talent to a skill;

Tease it, teach it

How to be its best,

A handmaiden

And guest of soul.

Toil at the risk of pain,

Refinement but

The world’s disdain

Align themselves

In talent,

And I love talent.


I Love Talent 8.17.2001

Special People Special Occasions;

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;

Arlene Corwin












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































And the balance of alignment

Of the quester

Who risks pain of world disdain


Serendipity And Synchronicity 2009

Serendipity And Synchronicity

 My code, my motto;

Inlet into

Every earthly thing held dear.

Not concrete;

Tricky, yet

Perceivable –

Every meeting one and/or;

The leader synchronicity

The all down here,

Who knows,

Perhaps up there and out?

Serendipity –

Well, logically

If synchronicity is law,

They are

Fraternal twins you don’t deserve,

Can’t wheedle forth,

Can’t pray for, get.

A ‘freebee’, so it seems,

Let’s say a seamless



© Serendipity & Synchronicity 6.7.2009Circling Round Energy; Nature Of & In Reality;Arlene Corwin



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