Giving In

Got this idea the other day- but only as a title. Worked on it the past two days. (That was 2017)
See if you appreciate its point of view. Notice that i place it in the collection called Circling Round Egos.
        Giving In
We fight against…
We feel it’s brave.
No matter what the cause
The will to save is strong.
We go along with crowds
Who think alike and think aloud.
The self may or may not be gone;
We like to think in unison,
Fighting for the right ‘gainst wrongs.
We even sing fight songs
In the name of right and wrong.
To yield is a second way.
Is it weakness to give in, give way?
It’s often clever – often never.
War means to attack, fight back,
But even Bonaparte gave up his part,
Threw in the towel; weak move but smart.
Giving in to giving way to bowing down to…
Stepping back to take a breather…
Easier, less time-consuming,
Hours left for ruminating.
Friends gossip sipping something sweet.
They’ve all known loss, they’ve known defeat.
Yet it’s sweet to criticize.
We are a crazy [human] race.
Summed up: the best stress buster
Giving back to life its luster,
And the plan that musters true,
Is yes in lieu of no: a giving in
To cover most conditions.
Giving In 4.27.2017revised 6.15.2018 Circling Round Egos; Arlene Corwin

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