God Push-ups 2001/2013

God Push-Ups

“Good morning, God”,

She says, while sitting on the step

Outside the house, eating her meusli.

“Plan my day! No,

Let me carry out

The plan You made before the suns!

No, make it clearer to me,

Let me be


I mean, let me go up a step or two

With energy or clarity –

Or both.”

Is this to be a day

Self-disciplined, constructive,

Or is it to be a vagrant day,

A turgid brain,

A day of sloth?

Good morning, God.

You know already;

It’s been planned.

Let this anomalously baby-wish

Make me somebody’s helping hand.


You don’t need help.


They’re in the plan as well.

Mine, my own?

Well, maybe, since I too am programmed.

Everyone needs push-ups.”

God Push-ups 7.3.2001/3.20.2013

To The Child Mystic; God Book;

Arlene Corwin

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