Sleepless Time I & II 2014

               Sleepless Time I


As the time hit four a.m. I thought,

This is the last and only four a.m. to ever be.

As hose two zeros struck mhy eyes, I thought,

There is o way to beat the clock,

Its tick, the tock, the tocks, the ticks

The one and only twleve month’s six

To ever be,

A ninety-eight I’ll never see again.

The seat of all I meet,

The fleetest chronos – who can study him?

Him, a one-off every mini.




Not to be compared, each one

A rising, falling sun;

A content all its own.

Weailess, incessant,

Holding in its links – all movement,

Each too perfect for improvement.

Yet, I let

These never to be reproduced

Repeated units die away



As if to say ‘you have no use’,

When really,

That is all we have

To save us.


Sleepless Time II


As the clock hit four, I thought,

“This is the last there’ll ever be!

A four a.m. I’ll never see.”

As those two zeros struck these eyes

I thought: “No way to beat its ticks…

A one and only twelve month’s six

I’ll never see again;

A day-night-hour I’ll never meet.

A Chronos fleet;

A one-off mini, microsecond;

Each a rising, falling sun

With content all its own.

Incessant, weariless,

Holding in its links, all movement,

Each too perfect for improvement.”

Yet these units die away



As if to say, “You have no use!”

When really, it is all we have

To save

Our sorry asses.



Sleepless Time I & II 5.26.2004 orig.12.6.1998  (revised 2.7.2014)

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Arlene Corwin

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