Thank You But…1998

    Thank You, But…

I write this for a friend.

In fact, I’m not that cynical.

He says, “They say they like you, but…

They don’t!

Cause what you’ve got to sell,

If truth could tell,

Is not their cup of tea.

There is no pact,

No contract,

Nothing offered, only pleasantry:

A drink, a wink

And “Thank you, but…

We’re booked until the year two million.”

How he’d like to kill the one

Who lacks the candor to be frank. You

You have no chance – You feel a fool,

A tool of management

And all those men

Who rule the jobs:

The bosses, nobs.

He vows, if he were ever one of them

To never play with words. He’d say,

“You’re just not good enough today,

But practice leads to readiness.

Go home and practice.” It’s less

Cruel than the uncaring, unresponsive, all-unfair

“We thank you, but…”

You never find out why.

©Thank You, But… 98.9.13

Our Times, Our Culture; Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin




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