No Idea Comes Out Of A Vacuum 1994

No Idea Comes Out Of A Vacuum


I used to think ideas were mine:

“I’ve thought of this, I’ve thought of that.”

I was a brat.

I trace the chain of all I know and nothing’s mine.

No chink belongs to, comes from me for free;

The idea tree, each root and branch,

Each leaf and bug

Reflects the pull and tug

That history has nicely wrapped –

The mystery of knowledge tapped.

It hasn’t come ‘for free’ I say,

And yet, I know it’s all been free:

A free for all and free for all.

Ideas were there before the fall.


One has to try,

Make dud mistakes in honesty,

For no idea comes out at all

Unless the child’s prepared to fall.


And nothing’s wrong with being boring

If it’s usable to some:

It’s the you that you’ve been storing

That leads someone toward some light:

Level is a funny fight.

Time, from which there is no womb

Creates idea.  Assume

That tracks of all you thought you think

Are linked to line divine.

It’s there.  I’ve felt its glow.

It’s part of what I feel I know –

And that sure comes from somewhere.


No Idea Comes Out Of A Vacuum 12.7.1994

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin






Searching For Connections 2012

Searching For Connections


If mind were free, ideas would flow.

When mind is open, ideas flower

Because vacuums must be filled

To flavor nothingness.

Nothing loves

A nothingness.


Overtones and undertones:


Vacuums; chasms, emptiness,

Spaces empty of all matter;

Voids and space and nothingness,

Leading us to craters, cavities and gulfs;

Rifts, splits, crevasses and fissures;

Then that awful concept void:

Bare, blank, dead, unoccupied,

Empty, null, invalid, useless,

Vacant, vain and worthless.



There’s void as free;

Freedom to move this way, that –

Which brings back creativity,

The dear propensity of nature

To abhor a vacuum

Out of which the all is born.


Searching For Connections 6.16.2012

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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