Bending Over The Bathtub Thinking 2012

Bending Over The Bathtub Thinking

Brain, I am in touch with you,

And you’re in touch with You-niverse,


Which knows you back:

Front, sideways too.

First I’m staring,

Nothing going on ‘upstairs’.

Slowly I become aware I’m staring;

Nothing going on ‘upstairs’ where

It all counts.

I change within a second

In, inside the mind

And bind myself to it.

It’s beckoned.

Then, experiencing It flashing

In a nano-minute

I stand up, go out,

And picking up the book I’m reading

Carry on the day.

Bending Over The Bathtub Thinking 6.19.2012

Circling Round Baths; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;

Arlene Corwin

Finding A Kirkegaard 2008

         Finding A Kirkegaard

It’s happened once again.



Introduced to Kirkegaard

And memories

And lessons learned;


With an attitudinal approach

That’s mine:

Just what I need.

One fears a hubris;


Looking foolish,

Sounding any –ish at all.

Yet Kirkegaard

Regards his worth

As one who knows some truth

That others don’t concede,

Don’t seem to need.

I love it when I find ‘em.

© Finding A Kirkegaard 9.8.2008

Circling Round Reality; Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin









I Get It Now 2009

I Get It Now


I get it now;

Life preparing me for death,

Taking away (but slowly)

Valued qualities

To tease me into depth;

Signs one’s thought of as ones own.

They weren’t.

I can see them going,

Track their transformations,

Lucky to be

Walking to the tune of daily

Cooking, washing, peeing


It get it.


© I Get It 3.8.2009

Birth, Death & In Between; Revelations Big & Small

Arlene Corwin

I Am, Comma Or Not 1960

I Am (Comma Or Not)

I am(,)
(Comma or not)
I am
That, the what
For which there is
No more.
I am will,
The h in trust.
I don’t have to justify
Or satisfy;
For I am just.
Moreover, I am Sat.

©I Am (Comma Or Not) 60.11.31
To The Child Mystic;
Arlene Corwin

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