No Background Music (revised) 2013

            No Background Music


There’ll be no background music then;

Valleys that refuse to sing,

Glens that ring out nothing –

Dales too. 



How to get used to the mute


No angel choir,

No Gabriel to tootie toot.

There being so much music

In the background –

Does that frighten you?               


There’ll be no background music then:

Just silence.  Then

Get used to it;

The drop of nothingness.

The stop, there being

So much tuneful noise?

Silence.  No soft speaking, singing.

Worlds sound-free, mute. quiet. 

How to get used to the silence,

I’m not sure,                 

(There being so much music in the background.)


No Background Music 2.11.2012/revised 6.3.2013

Vaguely About Music II; Birth Death & In Between II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin


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