Analysis Of A Marriage: A Part Of Change

Analysis Of A Marriage: A Part of Change


You loved him at the start, of course.

Attraction strong on levels all,

You loved to go to bed with him,

You loved the talk.

So much in common;

Much to learn and learned by him, by you;

A mixture lasting months,

Then gone.

By then you are a married lady.


Pattern changed, behavior changed,

Reaction and reception changed,

Viewpoint takes another angle.

Funny that.

Duties naturally continue.

Dailiness, development.

You are a parent, citizen, consumer;

Hobbies too, even profession,

But confession: you no longer love him.

Talks have anger,

Bed a hunger, disappointment;

Roaming thoughts, desire –

Marriage mired in a haze of

Children, comfort, bias lazy:

You stay. And

One day it’s over. Either

Nature takes a hand or you divorce;

Eons since you took the plunge.

A part of change.


Analysis Of A Marriage 4.6.2015

Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin

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