Towards Completion 2012

              Towards Completion


It’s been said to young and old or old or new –

Or even you

Who have most likely thought it through.

(Yet I say it in

                           good conscience yet again):

A friend whom I love dearly, nearly


Waiting still for inspiration

(Call it what you will)

To manifest the latent

Force of talent that is his,

Thrusting it or sneaking it

Upon a world-in-waiting

(not that it knows that it’s waiting).

Skating, as he does

Upon an ice of suds

My earnest hope is that it sud(s)denly

Reveals what has

Been there always

Or whenever First Time was

(which point of view is up to you)

Where talent, character and fate


My friend is waiting –

Not for end but for beginning –

Maybe for a route to open.


As I said, it’s all been said!

But one more time (both clean and new)

To someone young, old, new – or you,

Waiting and creating go together

Like the birds of feather that they are.

Waiting is not sitting still,

Or discontinuing the will

But a station for creation:


Towards completion.


Towards Completion 9.23.2012

Special People, Special Occasions; Definitely Didactic;  The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin


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