I’ve No Beginning Nor An End

I’ve No Beginning Nor An End

I’ve no beginning or an end:

I will convince myself of this –

It is so logical to me;

And yet I fear as others fear –

The ones to whom it has no logic.  Yes,

I have – as all the others –

The Great Fear.

(You know the one I mean,

The one where I’m no longer here)

Which I must work away.

No beginning and no end:

It is so logical to me.

The mind goes back-through day on day.

I feel my way to no-beginning.

Why then, do I struggle forward,

Fight for life,

The little grain of planet sand,

This microscopic grain of sand

That is an I

In universe that is,

That will itself not die?

With no beginning and no end

One should exhilarate, not cry,

Not plague oneself with questions, dry

And fruitless.

One should kiss

An eye for eye

And say yes almost all the time.

I’ve No Beginning Nor An End 12.30.2001

Birth, Death & In Between; I Is Always You Is We;

Arlene Corwin

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