What’s The Fuss About? 2013

What’s The Fuss About?

They love each other –

Yes, they do.

Perhaps more than I, you; and yet,

The sex drive has diminished.

Climaxes an effort.

Touted drive expounded

Western TV world around,

Do they miss it?

Not a bit.

They love each other;

Cuddle, touch;

They love each other very much.

Petting, playing – with

Erotic word and kiss sufficing

They don’t miss that pulse

That pounding thump,

That throbbing greatest of deceivers,

Hidden steerer not aware of

Goals and roads pretending to be real;

A blend of drive and tangibility:

Status, goods and family:


What’s the fuss about?

It’s possible to live without it

And be happy, love’s vitality


What’s The Fuss About? 7.24.2013

Love Relationships; Circling Round Eros II:

Arlene Corwin

Postponing Even Cancelling 2012

Postponing Even Cancelling


It isn’t what it seems to be.

It doesn’t even need to be.

The lower parts,

Reflections of the higher hearts


There to gather

Higher feelings rather

Than the lower…

Parting after minutes sweet,

A minute’s sweat,

To start the day

In much the ordinary way,

With breakfast, work, etcetera,

Bettered by

A coupling that

Was not.


Postponing Even Cancelling 12.5.2012

Circling Round Eros II;

Arlene Corwin






Saying Yes Not Saying No 2012

Saying Yes Not Saying No


I don’t say no.


Laid back,

A tired rag just letting go.

It’s morning and I do not even know

The time.

By simply being, there in freedom,

No program, no idiom,

Body’s lower parts

Have been re-shaped,

Re-formed, conformed

By simply being –

And attentive.

There are tools and sensibilities not there in unformed youth;

A mystery the finest sleuth could never solve


He/she learned to say yes:

Saying yes

Not saying no.



Saying Yes Not Saying No 10.3.2012

Circling Round Eros II; Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin

Afternoon Seduction (from Circling Round Eros + 2 out in September 2012

Afternoon Seduction

(A Romance for the over-seventies)

He lies there on the June warm porch,

A kidney stone somewhere inside him.

She beside him, background birches blow.

He’s wearing shorts.  They’re joking

About something vague

While birds prepare for evening’s shade.

She concentrates on some long hair within his brow

That’s growing north,

While all the others, white and coarse,

Go east.

The beast is wakened.

Open porch – a lake:

He takes her.

When the sofa proves too hard

He takes her –

Upstairs, on a bed,

Dropping what small clothes they wear

Behind them on the stair:

A 40’s film. The ante-room.

Passion’s perfume.

If that’s not frenzy,

What is, then?

Afternoon Seduction 6.10.2006

Love Relationships; Pure Nakedness; Circling Round Eros;

Arlene Corwin

The Rises & The Falls 2012

The Rises & The Falls


I’m trying to imagine you,

A tiny point with all the power.

Planet –

Billions on it;

Differing conditions: variations

On a theme; live souls

Supposed to look like you.

All one can do

Is match a picture in the mind,

The skillion points of energy

That function in a brain;

A paradigm

Imagining an It that’s love –

That’s love yet misery.

Birth, karma, evil, ultimately

Rise and fall

From love.


The Rises & The Falls 4.18.2012

God Book; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin


Rules Of Separation 2012

      Rules of Separation


I didn’t know them,

Motives motleyed:

Start anew; save him pain;

I didn’t have a clue –

Became a stranger,

Never took contact again.

I’d left.  I’d gone.

Is it not pain to meet again?

To chat, converse?

It surely makes the suffering worse.

Does one not fall into old patterns?

Argue about pasts, put blame?

You are no longer two.

What do you do

When you’ve moved on

To form a new relationship,

Begin a marriage, house, things, love?

I didn’t know that

You could learn to ‘chew the fat’.

I didn’t know that there are rules

Of separation one could learn.

And I repent – in flashes.


Rules Of Separation 3.5.2012

Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin



What Could Have Been So Nice 1998


    What Could Have Been So Nice

This is a song, a definite song;

Not a poem or a rhyme

Where the tune can go wrong

And the rhythms and time

Can go free.

No ‘goody’ or ‘baddy’, no good or bad luck;

This is a song about love’s tragicomedy,

Meeting and drowning in love;

Abandoning all for the newly formed bond

That lived out clichés: all used up and beyond.

The differences winning,

The love dance beginning,

Not yet awake,

Soon prosaic.

Small jokes evocative,

Stories you told –

Tiring and old.

Even the passion, romantic and wild –

Passed to desiring vapid and mild.

This is a song that is set up to mourn

What could have been so nice.


What Could Have Been So Nice 98.4.7Lyrics; Love Relationships; Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin





To The Soul Not Yet Whole 1962

       To The Soul Not Yet Whole

If swingin’s

All you’re bringin’

To music,

That’s not art,

But only part.

Or change your bit:

That isn’t it,

That’s only sham.

That is, if swingin’s

All you bring

To music.


Soul music may have heart,

Soul music may be smart;

Soul music may be art –

But not necessarily so.


Swing, man, hard and loud,

But man, you’re clinging to a cloud.

Call horn x,

Call music y,

Call yourself small letter i.

Remember son,

You modern soul,

The abstraction,

Means, the goal –

The three in one

Is solely you.

Practice one or all of these,

For art is born of one-in-threes.

Love will do,

And horn will do,

And absoluting you will do


©To The Soul Not Yet Whole (on hearing a record by Charlie Mingus) 1962

Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin


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