I Want You 1954

               I Want You

I want to feel your moist mouth on mine.

I want to touch each lithe liquid line.

I want to feel one pulse where there had been two:

I want you.

I want our breaths to meet in the air.

I want to know each wave of your hair.

I want a perfect fusion of two:

I want you.

I want to hear you voice

And know how you talk.

I want to see you move,

Know how you walk.

I want to know what depths you can reach,

What heights you can climb.

And after years when wanting has waned,

That perfect union will have remained,

Because I got what I wanted in you.

©I Want You 54. 3. 3*

Lyrics; Love Relationships; Circling Round Eros;

Arlene Corwin

*Notice the date. It could have been called Immature and Uninexperienced.

The Fear Is Gone 2002 2007

     The Fear Is Gone

The fear is gone.  A song is there;

In place a song-like atmosphere.

Gone, longing for…in four/four time,

All of the time –

Not letting in

The villain.

In the fingered melodies,

In leading tones and harmonies,

In asking for the things I want

And wanting what turns up.


All along the song was fear.


Now sweet,

What’s left is to complete…

Close up the circle,

Fix the faults,

End the story

For the glimpse of glory

So far hidden.

©The Fear Is Gone 07.10.25 (revised from 02.10.1)

Lyrics; Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin


I Can Fly 1996

     I Can Fly

Will I fly?

I’ve no way of knowing.

All I know is

I must keep on growing

And expanding,

For without that

I will die

Without ever finding out

That I could fly.


I can fly –

But do I?

Am I earthbound ‘cause

I do not try

Quite hard enough

To sound the bottom?

©I Can Fly 99.2.22

To The Child Mystic; Lyrics; (music: Kent Anderson)

Arlene Corwin





Blues: The Solution


      Blues: The Solution


I wrote a blues last night.

Wrote a blues so blue it gave me a fright.

When I awoke I was quite all right –

In fact,

Today I won’t be crying the blues.

The blues just make me cry and who want to cry?

Oh no, not I.

I’m getting tired of the blues.

I’m uninspired by the blues.

I used to think it was the hip thing to do,

Now I’m all through with the blues.


Blue, why are the blues always blue?

Blue, why are the blues always blue?

They could be purple, pink or green,

But since they’re almost always mean,

We call the hue the blues.

You, hey you who often sing the blues,

You, hey you who often sing the blues,

Why do you say you feel low down

When down is brown just like the ground,

And blue is high just like the sky.

A room that’s painted blue feels cool and icy,

A heart that’s tainted blue feels cruel and sore.

The empty, yearning, lonely pain is twice the chore

That’s hellish more than just a bore.

Blue, why are the blues always blue?

You, who are depressed, what should you do?

Well, I suggest that you get dressed

In something light that suits you best:

You guessed it right, a bright and warm and loving hue.

To crush the blues dress in a warm and loving you.


Blues: The Solution verse1960/chorus1988 see revised 06.10.29Lyrics;

Arlene Corwin







What Could Have Been So Nice 1998


    What Could Have Been So Nice

This is a song, a definite song;

Not a poem or a rhyme

Where the tune can go wrong

And the rhythms and time

Can go free.

No ‘goody’ or ‘baddy’, no good or bad luck;

This is a song about love’s tragicomedy,

Meeting and drowning in love;

Abandoning all for the newly formed bond

That lived out clichés: all used up and beyond.

The differences winning,

The love dance beginning,

Not yet awake,

Soon prosaic.

Small jokes evocative,

Stories you told –

Tiring and old.

Even the passion, romantic and wild –

Passed to desiring vapid and mild.

This is a song that is set up to mourn

What could have been so nice.


What Could Have Been So Nice 98.4.7Lyrics; Love Relationships; Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin





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