Don’t Trust That Memory 2012

     Don’t Trust That Memory


Do not trust that memory.

It adds or steals; misrepresents;

Takes reels of film

That never happened

And coagulates them.  Stuck in time

You’re either older or you’re younger

Or it never happened.

Did you make love in the hall

When you were fourteen?

Fall into that well

When you were two,

Hanging by small fingers

‘Til a neighbor pulled you up? 


Endless scenes

You do not screen or question.

After all, they’re pictures burned

Onto a brain you trust,

The story growing mollusk crust.


If I were you, I wouldn’t live

On movie clips and photographic negatives

You’re positive about.

Does that smash your boat and crush your melon?


Push a disinfected you


         the moment!

Manipulated every day by reminiscence,

We scandalously play with memory.   

Just don’t take it seriously.


Don’t Trust That Memory 5.19.2012

I Is Always You Is Me; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin



After Last Night 2012

After Last Night

Sitting in the bathtub thinking

What a pity

That the memory

Gets in the way of now.

Last night’s success

Completely gone –


Spent absolute.

No substitute.

If time is taken

To think ‘then’

(Just hours ago),

A method

To make then a ‘now’


Losing the moment?

Maybe some can.  I can’t.


Bath Again 2.8.2012

Bath Book; Vaguely about Music;

Arlene Corwin

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