Controlling Time 2012

       Controlling Time


You do change, and

It is a stranger and surprise.

Eye shape, vagina too.

(I do not know what penises do).

Lips up and down too thin, askew;

Creeping, drooping going on while sleeping.

Up, down, in, out, crepey


(and other parts) have had their use.

With not a chance to brace yourself,

You wake and wrink-


There between the brows,

Outside and under eyes;

Lids, brows, sight victimized,

Lost in lies of chronologic- truth,

Wide-eyed and starry-eyes of youth concluded.


Connecting time, correcting time, controlling time –

Impossible, ridiculous!

Perhaps collecting time from birth,

Self-going apparatus,

Mind its own,

Is all we ever do. 


Controlling Time 4.22.2012

Circling Round Time II; Circling Round Vanities II; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin





In The Mind 2012

              In The Mind


In the mind: ideas, pictures,

Gods, guides, good:

Each/every atom that must train, learn, burn

For something; turn

Itself inside and out

For worthwhile something(s) done.

Will.  At some point

A will must will the will

To flow around and through

The sealed system you

                                      reside in.

Fourteen hundred forty minutes’

Journey each and every


Until those atoms fan out

Into timelessness, all to the good



In The Mind 3.13.2012

Birth, Death, & In Between II; Circling Round Time II;

Arlene Corwin



Occupied with Resistance: Rolling Up Jeans 2012

Notes Occupied With Resistance: Rolling Up Jeans


As I was rolling up the cuffs of my jeans, the denim kept thickening, resisting my attempts at rolling.  I found myself wanting to stop, when i realized that it as a sign that my hand was weak – not that the material was strong.


Mind has an inherent desire for good, every movement valuable.  Don’t let natural resistanceput you off..  Resistance is more a sign that that the particular, the momentary is precisely what you need to work on/go through/pass through.


I carried on rolling.  I’d won.



Occupied With Resistance

Rolling up the cuffs,

Denim thickening, resisting

With each fold.

Wanting to break off, let go

(it is her natal weakness)

Seizing stitch

And see it as a sign.

It isn’t that the cuff was strong:

The hand was weak.

Occupied With Resistance 1.21.2012

Circliing Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin


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