Passing Thoughts Of A Bridesmaid 1954


     Passing Thoughts Of A Bridesmaid Come From A Wedding

She looked so charmingly blush

éd andEverything and every way a bride should

Look. He, strong and comforting.

Everything and every way a groom could

Look without seeming quite as if

He wasn’t sure it was really worth stiff

Collar, tie and hat,

“Dahling, you look…” chat.

Reception was, to say the least,

A success, and the feast

One of succulence. Bride

Danced with all of the gifting guests.

Groom tried his best to hide

From nests of guests

Which kept bride at bay – bride away. So,

With the party de-parted

Without delay,

Couple exchanged a glance. Started

Off. Oh, what a day!

What to do with that bouquet

Of roses? It’s ten P.M. now.

He and she must be… nineteen years old.

I should probably…but there’s the sorrow?

Perhaps not, but… this bed is cold.

©Passing Thoughts Of A Bridesmaid Come From A Wedding 54.3/ rev07.8.12

Circling Round Woman; Love Relationships; Pure Nakedness; Special People Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin





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