Fault Line Metaphor 2012

Fault Line Metaphor


Fracture in the crust.

Not a mistake, not error;

Nature’s crack attended by

Displacement on one side

Proportional to t’other.


Never  error – just effect

That goes for all and everything

And all the time,

Not matter how it seems.

Rewards we’re not inclined to thank.

It’s how it’s seen,


Fault Line Metaphor 4.8.2012

Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Sitting Here 2007


               Sitting Here

Sitting here in abstract world’s

Idea and mind,

A concrete cawing crow

Recalls me.

©Sitting Here



Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Free To Be Free 2nd version 2003 1st version 1996

    Free To Be Free

Freedom is not freedom

To do this or that,

But action on the spot

Constrained not by before;

The impulse in the psyche’s core

Is peace, release,

Action and reaction

Being sweet, if mini-, cosmos.

©Free To Be Free (b) 03.1.6 version (a) 96.3.13

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Nature In & Of Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin

Slipping Into A Slot #1 2003

Slipping Into A Slot Part 1

Day by day

I slip into the slot of age

Weaving all the categories into one:

Birth, death and the in between,

Circling ´round nature

In the nature of reality,

Of thinking, the creative

And the meditative processes,

Of woman and the child mystic,

Time, our times, our culture,

Everything didactic, with a

Sense of the ridiculous that’s

Vaguely about music. It’s

Pure nakedness and all the years

Of meter, rhyme

In service of my age, its time.

There’s no conclusion to be drawn,

Except that everything goes on at once.

If one could only see it!


© Slipping Into A Slot part 1 03.3.26

Circling Round Woman; I Is Always You Is We; Birth, Death & In Between; Nature In & Of Reality; Time;

Arlene Corwin






Connected And Interrelated 2008

    Connected and Interrelated

Connected and interrelated:

Never re-stated too often, too much.

No crutch and no gene bank can keep us in touch

With the past of the past of the past,

Cause and effect with the last laugh of all.

I read somewhere recently,

One single pee in a coral rich sea

Can initiate grief, crumbling reef,

Change the balance of lichen and snail.

Coral (which grows at the rate of your nail)

Becomes pale – then sand –

From the pee of a swimmer too lazy to land.

I read that a flock coming north in the spring

-By the flap of a wing – can initiate hale,

The swing of a feather, the sting of the weather

Distorting by changing some groove.

What then astrology (so hard to prove)

Whose movement of planets is said to steer fate,

Temper, temperament, sending your mate?

Breath, decision; they interrelate

With the movements of atoms and rays-hard-to-measure,

Affecting the work of the whole in their leisure,

Floating, colliding and God-alone-knows…

The trick is to come out of this thing like a rose.

What if my doing and thinking has ways

Which touch all of the planet, all hours, all days?

The game is so layered.

Everything mine, yours, its, theirs, hers and his

Affected by history, wizardry, fate. –

One has no choice but to yield, act, wait.

(Here is the chain grammar free):

I hit my kids kick the cat

Eats the mouse starts the fire in the house

Where the fireworks are stored

Blows my neighbor toward

Heaven the street’s set aflame I’m to blame

Go to jail get no mail

Lose all hope ‘cause the kids now take dope

‘Cause corruption is rife so my son takes the life

Of the one who blamed me leaves a family

Teenagers, wife, baby: Globally augmented,


Connected and interrelated.

You never can say it too often, too much.

©Arlene Corwin Connected and Interrelated 7.25.1994/tinkered with 5.25.2008

Definitely Didactic; Nature Of & In Reality;





Woman 1956


My bloodstained hands and milkful breast

Attest to the enigma that is mine.

Endless children are my crest,

But destiny tests,

And alone I shall pine.

Alone I shall pine.

Alone I shall dine,

Alone I shall whine

Till my guts ache in languor.

©Woman 1956

Birth, Death & In Between; Circling Round Woman; Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin

To The Soul Not Yet Whole 1962

       To The Soul Not Yet Whole

If swingin’s

All you’re bringin’

To music,

That’s not art,

But only part.

Or change your bit:

That isn’t it,

That’s only sham.

That is, if swingin’s

All you bring

To music.


Soul music may have heart,

Soul music may be smart;

Soul music may be art –

But not necessarily so.


Swing, man, hard and loud,

But man, you’re clinging to a cloud.

Call horn x,

Call music y,

Call yourself small letter i.

Remember son,

You modern soul,

The abstraction,

Means, the goal –

The three in one

Is solely you.

Practice one or all of these,

For art is born of one-in-threes.

Love will do,

And horn will do,

And absoluting you will do


©To The Soul Not Yet Whole (on hearing a record by Charlie Mingus) 1962

Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin


Skeleton Of Change 2006

       Skeleton Of Change

I heard an old friend sing her style.

She’s sung her style since ‘fifty-three.

I smile.


She sounds as good as ever –

Red line running through,

The red line true,

Nuances never better,

Fresh, refined down to the letter.

Style pale yet never stale.

People queue.

Songs are new –

Different but the same.

There was a guy I used to see.

A heartthrob, prancing up and down

The stage and singing, dancing;

All the rage when he was thirty.

Thirty later TV years

He’s there – the same arrangements –

Stepping, pepping up the footlights.

Sixty-year-old fans adore him.

Me, I was so sad and bored for him,

But who am I to say?

The only constant – so they say – is change.

The mystery is what is behind its

Skeleton, that doesn’t change

But seems to change in aspects.

©Skeleton Of Change 06.8.30

Vaguely About Music; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin



primal energy, my best friend

Primal Energy

Primal energy out in space,
Author of the human race:
A spot,
But what it’s not
Is hot.
And still it shapes the plot.

Primal Energy 2

Primal energy
Reaching me
Turning quant-
To quality
And back again.
Oh, so passive/

Primal Energy, My Best Friend

Primal energy.
The key
To memory,
And finally,

©Primal Energy 1,2,3 93.8.18
Circling Round Nature; Nature In & Of Reality; To The Child Mystic; Circling Round Energy;
Arlene Corwin

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