Dancing In The Continuity Of Time 2008

       Dancing In The Continuity Of Time

I am mass

And nothing but.

A form of energy;

A bundle

Of intrinsic self dynamic –

Self-ward movement to the hilt.

Four dimensioned:




In space-time,




The articles

Of ever-changing patterns

With a space and time dynamic.

That I take up space

Makes me a mass –

An object me.

That I grow old and disappear

Makes me

An energy electric,


In the continuity

Of Time.

© Dancing In The Continuity of Time 2.4.2008

Nature Of & In Reality; Time; To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin



Connected and Interrelated 1994 2008

      Connected and Interrelated

Connected and interrelated:

Never re-stated too often, too much.

No crutch and no gene bank can keep us in touch

With the past of the past of the past,

Cause and effect with the last laugh of all.


I read somewhere recently,

One single pee in a coral rich sea

Can initiate grief, crumbling reef,

Change the balance of lichen and snail.

Coral (which grows at the rate of your nail)

Becomes pale – then sand –

From the pee of a swimmer too lazy to land.


I read that a flock coming north in the spring

-By the flap of a wing – can initiate hale,

The swing of a feather, the sting of the weather

Distorting by changing some groove.

What then astrology (so hard to prove)

Whose movement of planets is said to steer fate,

Temper, temperament, sending your mate?


Breath, decision; they interrelate

With the movements of atoms and rays-hard-to-measure,

Affecting the work of the whole in their leisure,

Floating, colliding and God-alone-knows…

The trick is to come out of this thing like a rose.


What if my doing and thinking has ways

Which touch all of the planet, all hours, all days?

The game is so layered.

Everything mine, yours, its, theirs, hers and his

Affected by history, wizardry, fate. –

One has no choice but to yield, act, wait.


(Here is the chain grammar free):

I hit my kids kick the cat

Eats the mouse starts the fire in the house

Where the fireworks are stored

Blows my neighbor toward

Heaven the street’s set aflame I’m to blame

Go to jail get no mail

Lose all hope ‘cause the kids now take dope

‘Cause corruption is rife so my son takes the life

Of the one who blamed me leaves a family

Teenagers, wife, baby: Globally augmented,


Connected and interrelated.

You never can say it too often, too much.

©Connected and Interrelated 7.25.1994/tinkered with 5.25.2008

Definitely Didactic; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin


Circling Round Reality 2008

       Circling Round Reality

The most important principles

I’ve learned and learn

By watching everyday are:

Everything expands

And then contracts –

Expansion and contraction.

Each coin has two sides –

Two sides the coin.

Moon, sun and eon

Live out lives in


Not exclusive, mutually

Braiding ,

Trimmed with energy,

They live chained formed

As cause/effect

With all its rules –

Each cause producing

Its effect,

Which in itself becomes a cause:

A good cause, good effect;

Bad cause, a bad effect;

Mix of the bad and good

Mixed, fixed effect bad/good.

These are the essences,

The most important principles

I’ve learned to put to uses


©Circling Round Reality 3.26.2008

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin







Futurity 1998


It’s always all over:

Coming trip, great performance;

Anticipation kept in chains,

Held in abeyance;

Over in a bit,

That’s it!

No supernova,

Nothing lingering to hover

Ever after, expectation always wrong;

Never what you thought it would be.

As approaching time approaches,

Change affects the latitude:


Inconstant lover

Always over,

Leaving traces harsh or kind,

Easy, hard to find –

Over and all left behind:

The future.

Futurity 98.1.19

Nature Of & In Reality; Time; Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin























































































































































































Faith Is A Chemical Dynamic 1998


     Faith Is A Chemical Dynamic

Faith is a chemical dynamic

Affecting cells, making them fresh:

(The celestial and flesh)

Not a dogma, cant –

More pledge, a pact;

The brain engrained in wish and want

With roots spread out in waiting

For a door to open wide,

And you a bride inside.

Faith sanctifies.

It unifies.

It systematizes without system,

Sees the thread in things uncommon,

Making fractions into one:

It always gives an added power,

Energy beyond the hour;

Puts a slant on everything,

(Which is its strength and shortcoming.)

You never go beyond its vision,

Never get beyond its zone.

No clever man or master plan

Or great endeavor pulls the lever.

In itself a friendly law,

It is specific to your wishes.

Faith is bound by its tradition.

Nothing great can be erected,

Nothing lasting be affected.

Leave the hills, reach for the stars:

Faith is chemically dynamic.




Faith Is A Chemical Dynamic 95.7.17Nature Of & In Reality; To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin







Breaking Free Of Time 1998

      Breaking Free Of Time

Time doesn’t care if you’re bewildered,

That it’s stubbornly misused;

Doesn’t care that you’re confused,

Befuddled, muddled, in the dark.

Time never is,

Yet seems to leave a footmark.

Real things have qualities,

Besides reflecting change.

And what does time do?

Nothing. Time is not a doer.

That it seems to pass is pure

Illusion. Time does nothing, for

It’s no more than a helping word

To clarify a measured world:

Start to rot,

Birth to not,

Change and what it does.

Maybe all we need to say

Is time is how gauge decay,

The First One’s way of playing

Games and making jokes,

Yoking mind and grind

To something which does not exist.

Just as mile gives space a face,

Year and hour give time a power

It doesn’t have

Time itself just doesn’t care.

It’s less than air.

It isn’t there

At all.



Breaking Free Of Time 98.3.4

Time; Nature Of & In Reality; To The Child Mystic;

Arlene Corwin




Body Talk 1998

      Body Talk

Have you learned to recognize fear

In the stomach?

Washing a dish: quiet act, it would seem;

And there it is:


Right in the stream

Of intestinal movement;

Maybe the need to evacuate, go –

So you do.

It’s still near,

Stomach’s mobility coming from nowhere.


And no obvious pattern to bring it:

Worry or hurry,

Or eminent figure expected to lunch.

Call it a hunch

But it’s fear from somewhere –


Like a problem you see but can’t solve,

A bunch of invisible knots that evolved

From the blots left by childhood;

Memory-hints that blighted the schooldays:

Tests and comparisons,

Raising of hands and the ever-permissions

Spotting expression and lightness and will

Dampened to stillness.

Back to the now,

The fear in bowel-

Body talk.



Body Talk 98.1.4

Tit For Tat 1997


       Tit For Tat

What does excessive sugar/fat

Do to the body’s thermostat?

I should guess it’s always that

The law of nature’s tit for tat:

Much too much brings on too much

Or much too little; and the crutch

Of reaching eighty-five and such

Is no excuse (as people say).

The body wasn’t made that way –

It certainly ain’t glad that way.

You’ve got to be quite mad to say

That just because you’re eighty-five

And still alive,

That you’re not gonna have to pay

For your excesses –

What my guess is.



Tit For Tat 97.1.3A Sense Of The Ridiculous; I Is Always You Is We;

Definitely Didactic; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin




There Is No Weather Out In Space 1997


      There Is No Weather Out In Space

There is no weather out in space.

It’s we, exposed to weather’s chess

Who sense the wrath of God;

Who sense, as well, the links between

The actions of the marketplace -all interlaced

With poisoned prayer. Birds of a feather

Flock together.

Faction fighting, market’s wad;

Goods and pelf that sink the trodden

While the well-insured can tinker

With the systems; nescience –

In and out the genes –

Greed’s inherent origins,

Corrupts the clime:

Volcanic blowouts, untimed rains,

Melting floes, hurricanes;

The brain of God the paradigm:

Peace unmotioned;

Nature, twin-fraternal; oceaned,

Churning, whirling, sucking.


Whether weather runs amok

Depends on Good and nature’s mood.

Man, the calculating, shrewd,

Crafts legislature

Forging crooked ways to food

And shelter; almost lewd;

By any godly standards crude.

Man, who works at life towards death;

Seeking love – life’s shibboleth;

While all above the universe,

And hint – of uncapricious grace –

That there’s no weather out in space.



There’s No Weather Out In Space 97.11.25Nature Of & In Reality; Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin







The Wishy-Washy Visions That Turn Into Something Real 1997


      The Wishy-Washy Visions That Turn Into Something Real

There’s nothing abstract in my tone.

I’m concrete right down to my shoe –

(The other sole, the leather one).

Yet, I’ve known ecstasy and certainty

And living truth;

And all the wishy-washy visions

That expressed themselves in youth

Have concretized inside the inner eye of order,

Logic’s logic lodged beyond:

Vision, not decision

Fixing acts concrete as feet.

Envisioned roads lead to a street,

Its inner dream, the life complete,

Where wishy-washy visions,

Clarified, solidified and purified,

Reach upwards the whole time,


It projection primeWhere visions have their home.



The Wishy-Washy Visions That Turn Into Something Real 97.12.4Nature Of & In Reality; To The Child Mystic; A Sense Of The Ridiculous;

Arlene Corwin



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