I Get These Offers

I Get These Offers📚✍️

Week by week I get these offers.
Promises whose fluff
Assures a writer stuff
That’s not exactly useless
But expensive and illusionary.

It takes time to make a name.
A name that lasts,
Is fast and fastened
In the hearts and minds.

There’s really no success
That’s instantaneous.
It is skill that must be owned
And grown –
Which skill takes seasons,
Brilliance honed,
The phases gone through
To develop worthiness,
True value.

Be authentic always, all ways.
Don’t be rushed.
Move slowly, without haste,
Not wasting precious time
On offers ego-full but profitless.

Offers there will always be.
Onuses too: three,
Four, five and six…
Get your kicks
From filling coffers with
A creativity that genuinely sticks
For always.

I Get These Offers 11.30.2018 I Is Always We Is You; Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

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